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This is tape # 118 from my man Troy L Smith's collection. BIG, BIG respect to him for this tape.

Man, so many things have helped to shape & form my love for this culture. The World's Famous Supreme Team Show on WHBI is one of those things. This is one of those radio tapes that gives you that original flav & makes you Respect The Architects.

This joint starts off with Se' Divine the Mastermind & Just Allah The Superstar telling us to "wake up everyone that we know & to get our tape recorders ready". Well, thankfully this tape is from one of the cats that listened to them & hit the record button.

Supreme Team routines fill this tape from front to back: Their reggae track, This Life We Have, Unfair, etc, etc. They are also promoting a party that they will be having on Halloween & Se' Divine is saying that he can't wait to do his thing & show everyone how he gets busy live. The Force MCs perform live in studio & Dj Doctor Rock is on the air, warming up on the turntables before they rock. The Force MCs do a few routines but they are cut short for the dedications. There are plenty of people callin into the show. The Supreme Team cut some brother name Bee from Bed-Stuy short before he starts to say some real ignorant sh#t on the air. The Earth Nefratitti, from Grant projects (known as GODS PROJETS by the 5 Percenters), also gives a dedication of love to her GOD L-Sun.

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DJ Rockin Rob's Birthday 1981 @ St. Joseph's with the Mean 3 & the MC Connection

D.J. Rocking Rob’s Birthday and The Mean 3, as well as The M.C. Connection are at St. Joseph, 1981. (Note: D.J. Rocking Rob D.J.s for both crews and they are all under the umbrella of The Original Mean Machine. In the Mean 3 it’s Tiny Tine, Master Bee and Rocking Rob. Rob kills the piano on Square Biz by Teena Maria. Master B has a real nice flow. Before the M.C. Connection get on they first play their record, which is not in the history books (Ego trip’s book of Rap list and Yes Yes Y’all.) so this is a very rare record. Of the M.C. Connection there is emcee Barry Bee, emcee Crazy Eddie, Little Rich and Lil Bit. Lil Bit is a female emcee. Lil bit is not in the house this night. T.K. Tone and Ice Man are in the house. Barry Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and Rocking Rob rocks the Beat Box.)75min.

DO NOT SLEEP!!! These cats are high powered. I've heard heads speak on the Mean Machine before & now I FULLY understand why. Check the beginning of the tape, Tiny Tine announces that Rockin Rob is better than ANY DJ out there & he calls out names too (including Flash!). He is mos def no slouch....just check the square biz cuts.
Side A:
Side B:

Rest In Peace to a KING: IZ THE WIZ

On June 18th, 2009 we lost a legend. New york City's longest running "All City" KING passed away. I never had the privilege to personally meet Michael Martin aka IZ THE WIZ (TMB) but I have admired his work for many years. Respect due to one of the greatest to EVER do it!!!!


Source: DURO

LEE pays Tribute to IZ THE WIZ:

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We're just tryin to warm it up a lil bit for y'all right now. When we shift gears, it will be obvious, so be sure to stay tuned!!

Here's a freestyle joint from the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary. I think this was 1995. It's around 12 minutes long.

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Troy L. Smith’s 219 Live Old school hip-hop tapes from 1977 to 1983.

To get in contact with me call 212-361-9822

This is a true story, and a list of some of the Freshest, Flyest, Wildest, Boldest shows from the trend setters of Hip Hop.

What’s up to my brothers and sisters, who hold a common interest in old school hip hop tapes as I. In my quest on a never ending journey for these tapes I’ve found great happiness when I come a cross some hellified tapes that be rocking like a mother. I also found tapes that sounded terrible as far as quality, some have had a lot of hissing sounds, and some have been recorded many times over. I have tapes that are pieces from other party’s, some sound too fast, sometimes there are gaps, I even had a couple tapes that were made from a radio sitting in front of a speaker. Then there are those beautiful clear tapes. Thank the lord for them. I remember being a young brother of 11 maybe 12, getting a tape from a friend going home and not coming outside for hours because I was caught up in this tape. I would be in my room playing it over and over, trying to imagine how the place looked, where the party was , and trying to picture what these guys looked like, and just loving the lyrics and the sounds from the M.C. and DJ. Even after knowing the tape by heart, I still listened to it over and over. I would hear some dope sounds like, Kool Moe Dee battling Busy Bee and making history by saying the most unbelievable battle rhymes off the top of his head, ripping Busy Bee apart. Caz having prepared rhymes for hecklers in the crowd were he blatantly disses the hell out of them. The Treacherous Three telling Mele Mel and the Furious Five they can’t get down, and asking them openly for a battle. The infamous Johnny Wa and Rayvon having all the emcee’s of that time reciting their rhymes. The Fantastic 5 setting the hip hop world straight on why they are legendary in their battle against the Cold Crush Brothers. Flash going Bananas on the beat box and his Furious 5 emcees stating why they are the father of all hip hop groups. The Funky 4 rising back up to the top after losing Rahiem and adding Lil Rodney Cee and Jazzy Jeff. Donald Dee, Kid Vicious and Afrika Islam solidifying their history in 118 park in one of those legendary summer nights in the Bronx. The Force m.c.’s being a breath of fresh air, with their signature F- Troop and Adams family routine’s. Busy Bee a one man army slaying parties where ever he went. Cool a— Reggie Reg and the rest of the Crash Crew doing it in their silky style. Master Don and his Def Committee emcees showing the hip hop world why they better not sleep on them. Caz and J.D.L. the humorous, sarcastic crowd rockers that turned the Cold Crush Brothers into a Dynasty. Theodore and Flash cutting the hell out of records and so many dope routines and rhymes, by the likes of the Cold Crush brothers, Crash Crew, Fantastic Five, Treacherous Three, Furious Five, Master Don and the Death Committee, Disco 4, L-Brothers, Zulu Nation, Magnificent 7 of Harlem, Funk Machine, Funky Four and others.

To my ears, those were the best crews. Much props to Doug E. Fresh as he made his bones and later became an international star. The Fearless Four killed it freestyle, although they did even more damage when they did album recordings. Spoonie Gee sounds better on his albums, then at live party’s free styling, I say that because it is hard to get tapes of him free styling with out him doing his records. Kurtis Blow got the girls screaming while he is singing daydreaming. Also have to give props to Sweetie Gee for being the best emcee in Queens at that time in my opinion. I also want to give my man Rocking Rob of the Original Mean Machine props. Rocking Rob and his emcee’s know how to kill it! Much props to my dude Pow Wow, Globe and the rest of the Zulu Nation Warriors.

Now I have to talk about the 3 Kings and one throne. Kool Moe Dee was the reason I never liked or gave myself the chance to like LL Cool J, (L.L. I later learned to respect a great deal for his longevity, acting skills and just watching his growth through the years, and I am not going to front, I still nod my head to many of his joints.) because to me Moe Dee was the man, at that time. But today I would have to say that Caz is the man. I probably like them both the same but I have much more tapes of the CC4 then the Treacherous Three. I know Mele Mel is a bad brother, cause on those albums he use to kill it. But to me he never said enough on the tapes, and his crew use to piss me off because the never really did a show, you know routines. They would have me open, but they wouldn’t give us enough routines or any in their shows.
I asked Caz one day who was the best between him, Moe Dee and Mel. Of course he said him, and get this, he said that they knew he was the best. Of course Moe didn’t agree to this, when he read this. I am sure Mel would not have either. I know that battle would have been the bomb back in the days. I think I would have set it up like this, Dot-a Rock, D.L.B., Rayvon, Tito, Mighty Mike Cee, J.D.L., Busy Bee, Rahiem, Whipper Whip, Master Rob, Gangster Gee, Rodney Cee, Doug E. Fresh, Mr. Freeze, Stevie Dee, Donald Dee, Kurtis Blow, Mercury, Kid West, G-Man, Justice, Trey Dee, Spoonie Gee, Pow Wow, Globe, Kid Creole, Mr. Troy, Cowboy, emcee Barry Bee, Johnny Wa, Kid Vicious, Sweetie Gee, Reggie Reg and Barry B-stro would of battled each other, who ever would of won then would of stepped in to the battle of their life against Mel, Moe and Caz. At the end of the battle only one can be left standing of every last M.C. Who would win only GOD knows. I think at that time if advertised properly it could have sold out Yankee stadium.
As far as D.J.s Theodore, Flash, DJ AJ, Charlie Chase, Africa Islam, Breakout, Master Don, O.C., Crazy Eddie, Barry Bee, Whiz Kid, D.J. Divine, Kendo, D.J. Holiday, Jazzy J and Bambaataa were the best by far. Then there is the Hot to Cool to Vicious Girl m.c.s, Pebbly Poo, Sha-rock and Lisa Lee. It is hard to debate which one was the best cause they were all very good. I hope you find great joy in these tapes as I did cause this is some of the greatest music in the world.
Family I need some help, I am interested in all tapes of this time but right now I hope you can help me with some special tapes such as: Fantastic five first anniversary, full Crash crew tapes, Notorious2, Funk machine, L-Brothers, Salt and Pepper M.C.s (Dot-a-Rock, Whipper Whip that is), Magnificent 7 from the Bronx and Harlem, Funky 4 with Rahiem, Casanova Fly, the Funky 4 with Rahiem battling the Furious 5, Furious 3, Mighty Force, Sound Masters. Also Kool Herc and the Herculoids with Coke La. Rock and Clark Kent. The number of tapes I have right now is 219, but the number is always going up because I am always putting in work trying to get new tapes, I may even have tapes sitting in the house waiting to be assessed. So know that there is always more coming. Also if you have any leads for me to reach people that have tapes and the lead turns into something good, you will be blessed back. To my people, I am from the Grant projects in Harlem. Peace and blessings to you and your family……….One you can also call me at 212-361-9822 peace, Praise God and God Bless you.

1-Fantastic five, Caz, Busy Bee, Whiz kid, Treacherous three, Spoonie Gee @ T-connection 1981 60min. (note: Dotta rock does a rhyme about things that are "like". Dotta Rock opens to headhunters and then passes off to the treach three and then they pass off to Spoonie Gee.)

2-Treacherous three side a Club Negrils 82 –Bambaataa, Jazzy J, Cosmic force, soul sonic force at the T-Connection 80 (note: Treach 3 doing routines with two mics Sunshine rocking with out a mic.) 90min.

3-Crash crew, Soul sonic force cosmic force Whiz kid T-Connection 1980 90min. (Crash crew open up doing routines off 8th wonder and bounce rock skate. Then they do their famous record. Pow wow does a nursery Rhyme.)

4-Fantastic five, Cold crush 4, Soul sonic force, Bam, Whiz kid T. Connection 1981 60min.
(Note: Bam is playing a plate with Flash on the beat box and they kill it, Dotta-Rock saying a rhyme about an Amazon, Caz, JDL, K Gee testing the mics to some dope cuts check tape 66 for the rest of the CC4 show.)

5-Busy bee, Kevin Kev, Dotta Rock, Grand master Caz, D.J. A.J. Theodore, Audubon 1981 60min. (The tape start with Waterbed kev rocking off of catch a groove and changing words to songs like it’s the joint and sugar hill 8th wonder on the other side kev, busy bee and Caz rock the house together.)

6-Treacherous three 2nd Anniversaries, Cold crush 4 Harlem world 1982 90min. (Note: Treacherous Three ask the Furious Five for a battle and Caz disses a heckler in the crowd with a rhyme just for hecklers. Caz also does a rhyme about getting caught in the bed with a girl name Yvette.)

7-Cold crush four, Imperial Brothers Hoe ave. boys’ club-1981 60min.(Note: J.D.L. said a girl in the crowd is sewing her draws because she said "so" to Caz announcement.)

8-Cold crush 4, Disco enforcers-T-Connection-1979 60min. (note: JDL opens up to sequence record. side B opens to 8th wonder with the crew doing a routine and the crew is rocking to freedom. Caz does a Rhyme about being somebody’s father Caz also rhymes to another one bites the dust saying he caught J.D.L. and K.G. smoking dust.

9-Rappers convention –Fantastic five, Crash crew, Force M.C.s, Cold crush 4, L.A. Sunshine-Harlem world 82 90min. (Crash crew doing a lot of talking before they start rocking especially about the mic Dougie Fresh was using. They do High Powered rap and there second album live and they rock them. Force m.c.s rock the beat box, Stevie Dee’s uncle Jessie opens for the force by clowning around. Cold Crush starts with Caz doing a routine from a Richard Pryor album, by stating "the white man own the place he just fronting your black ass off. And J.D.L. is no longer with his ex girl Yvonne Baker. It’s D.J. A.J. and his sister Pam’s birthday. ).

10-Ecstacy Garage all stars -Caz, JDL, Whippier whip, K-Gee, Ruby Dee, Theodore, Soul sonic force, Nice and Nasty four- Ecstasy garage disco 1980 90min. (JDL is rhyming off of 8th wonder and there all freestyle.)

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- To all those Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee battle fans, that believe their was more then one battle between the two, you were right! It was two, the first was the legendary battle, which was Christmas Eve, and Moe dee blazed the show. Also from word of mouth it was said that Busy Bee felt he was set up so it was done again, plus Harlem World milked it. But this time the battle was on New Years Eve. Only the Technicians for that night could not get the tape deck to work at the right time, so it was never recorded. Lucky for us the show that second night was no were near as good as the first show they did. (Note: check tape 20 for this show.) But now bust this; imagine if Rayvon would have showed up that first night of the battle. Him and Johnny Wa would of gave Moe Dee and L.A. a run for there money. Don’t know what I am talking about, then listen to tape number 76 with Johnny WA and Rayvon they killed it. Never heard of them, they are of the Magnificent 7 of Harlem. You say who are they? The members were Ray and Wa as you know, as well as D.J. Tastic, D.J. Spivey, Shoeshine, D.J. Cookie And E-Man. Yes ladies and gentlemen who always wondered who he was, E-man (Who was named by his man Chu Chu from the Bx.) was mostly just a respected homeboy and m.c. who happened to be kool with them and help put the equipment together, as well as m.c., break dance and tag graffiti. Grand Master Caz told me, him and JDL often battled Ray and Wa, and said they were some talented brothers. To read more abot the Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee battle and Rayvon and Johnny wa go to

11-Funk Machine-Caz, Donald dee, Kid vicious, Pow wow, M.C. Globe, Afrika Islam, Fantastic five at 118 Park 60min.
(Note: the funk machine is doing work especially Caz, the side with fantastic is distorted but gets better. I don’t know the date.)

12-Charlie chase, Furious five at the Forrest projects 1980- Mercedes ladies inner city disco 1980 60min. (note: Mellie Mel opening with a echo chamber to good times.)

13-Busy bee +Kool D.J. A.J., Fantastic five, Cold crush four- T-Connection 1982 60min. (Busy Bee opens up to freedom and giving out shout outs to high schools, him Caz and JDL rocking hut and on. B-side Caz rocking to big beat.

14- Cold crush four Battle the Fantastic five –Harlem world 1981 60min. (note: from the very beginning when Caz comes on with a bullhorn tells the fantastic to come out with there hands up to the very end when they are judge by the audience.)

15-Crash crew, Cold crush 4, Mean machine, Spoonie Gee. Harlem World and Connecticut 60min. (note: This is the Whole show of the Crash Crew they are doing routines and all of their popular records at that time. Caz screams on a heckler in the crowd and says his man Roy Thomas is in the hospital with the herpes and when he gets out "he will be walking like he has a potato chip in his ass and he don’t want to break it". Mean Machine perform there popular song as well as do there routines.)

16-Fantastic five, Cold crush 4, Treach 3- Harlem world 1982
(Note: A.D.s birthday, and Fantastic doing routines pertaining to Christmas) 60min.

17-Cold crush 4, Cadet head Quarters 1983- Cold crush 4, T-ski Valley- Harlem world 1981
(Note: cc4 do a routine off the record war.)

18-Fearless four, Cold crush four – Harlem world 1982 60min.
(Note: caz-cracking jokes about fags, coke and herpes. Peso is singing on one of the routines.)

19-Cold crush 4- ecstasy garage 1980 (note: Caz and J.D.L. start to "another one bites the dust" later Caz does a rhyme about being someone’s father as well as other rhymes. J.D.L. does one about a hotel room and K.G. does a short one about being a private eye. A.D. shows up later and they do a short set of routines. After there show Greg Ski comes on to D.J. and of course Caz is snapping on someone’s uncle Mary. 90min.

20-Battle- Kool Moe Dee, Busy Bee, Johnny Wa Wa, Force M.C.s Cold crush four 60min. Harlem world 1981 (note: this is the classic battle from beginning to almost the end. All of Moe Dee’s part is there.)

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE-There should be a special award or recognition for the Cold Crush for being the funniest, versatile, health conscious, chiming in brothers in hip hop and just being very original. These are the main reason’s why the CC4 were and still are my favorite crew. First with Caz and J.D.L., when the record stopped it was still…SHOWTIME. Know telling what was going to come out of those two mouth’s. From CAZ telling a heckler "fuck you and the cab that brought you here" to "when my man Roy Thomas gets out the hospital for the herpes he is going to be walking like he got potato chip in his ass and he don’t want to break it." And J.D.L. saying some girl was sewing her draws as well as his trade mark hut routine. Caz was the first to have two different prepared rhymes for hecklers, which had the crowd "saying oh s---". And when he said "there’s one person from queens here, and a half a person from Staten island." that was classic. With K.G. (or J.D.L.) he was always on the side being like the filler, today Flava Flav and Freaky Tah (God bless him) are some what similar. You can count on K.G. to gas Caz (as well as J.D.L.) to blaze a heckler in the crowd or he would just be a long with the lead m.c. and he was a funny brother with the courageous cat voice mimic. A.D. was the first to M.C. about dealing with life and society with out drugs and alcohol. Was the first to advertise that it was cool not to use. “Give me Reefer, Blow, pipers and I drink milk". All classics. To read more stories about the Cold Crush 4 go to

21-Furious four and Flash –Audubon ballroom 1978 and Jackson projects 78
(Note: this is before Raheim became a part of the crew, also Flash is cutting a lot of records sounds also like he is cutting a record backwards (Space funk).) 60min.

22-Flash and Furious Five, Jazzy J, JDL, A.D., K-Gee (note: this is the party where the furious five did the original recording for Bam’s plate. Bx. River) 60min.

23-Funky 4+1, Raheim, Cowboy, Ruby Dee, Bambaataa, Ikey cee and Lil Dave -T-Connection 1980 90min.(Note: supposedly shootout at the party. Rodney Cee does a rhyme about bonnie and clyde chillin in his ride he also does a rhyme about his birthday. By the way its Jazzy Jeff birthday. )

24-D.J. Breakout, D.J. Barren, Funky4+1, D.J. Whiz Kid, Harmonizing 4- at the T-Connection 1980 60min.

25- Grand master Flash Furious Five, D.J. Sinbad, Kool Kyle, M.C. Jimmy Dee- T-Connection 1979 (note: starts off with Mellie Mel rocking off of catch a groove and then he rocks off of the claps jam.) 90min.

26-Cold Crush 4, Kurtis Blow-D.J. Davey Dee –Skate palace New Years Eve 1983 (note: Kurtis Blow Does his song daydreaming along with his routines. All the Cold Crush is there and there all on point doing there famous routines A.D. for moment speaks about him not using drugs.) 90min.

27-Cold crush 4, Force m.c.s, Busy Bee-Printing H.S.—Cold Crush 4, Zulu Nation-T-Connection 1982 (Note: Busy Bee is only on for a short time, Jazzy 5 do there thing with some good routines and play the beat box for a minute. The force M.C.s start out singing a song and then they do there thing with routines off F-troop, Gilligans Island, Brady bunch the Adams family and I love to teach the world to sing also rock the beat box. The Cold crush don’t complete there session cause it then goes into another party with the Cold Crush but now there at the T-Connection and J.D.L. is rockin his hut and Jazzy J is cutting. 90min.

28-Fantastic five, Cold Crush 4 -Savoy, no date (Dotta Rock does his rhyme about having a child and why you shouldn’t be gay, Caz cracking jokes, the four do a routine off let it whip.) 60min.

29-Cold Crush4, D.J. Jazzy Jay- Connecticut Roller skating rink 1982 (Note: Cold Crush do there routines on the other side Jazzy J is mixing records before the Crush come on.) 60min.

30-6th Zulu Nation Anniversary part 2-Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy five m.c.s, Cold Crush 4, Lil Ikey C (Note: Master Dee sounds good singing with the group, J.D.L does a rhyme naming Yvonne Baker as his girl, A.D. comes late. Some trouble breaks out Ikey Cee has to get on the mic to reprimand the crowd through the echo chamber.)60min. T-Connection 1981
LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE-Like I said earlier it is real hard for me to tell which female m.c. is the best between Lisa Lee, Pebbley Poo and Sha rock. Sha- Rock is to me, the first lady of Hip Hop. Her elegance, grace and beauty was heard long before you seen her. For an emcee she had a voice like a song bird, but she would also put her rhyme down like Mike Tyson in his prime. I have often heard that she emcee’d better than a lot of the brothers in the game. In a world of stick up kids, and tough guys, she was the Queen of this game.
Pebbly Poo is the Ma Barker of hip hop. She has a heart of a lion when it comes to saying her rhymes, and the coolness and style of a Pam Grier. If you listen to Pebbles on tape32 she is on fire the sound of her voice is like something from Motown back in the days.
Then there is Lisa Lee on tape77. I have a new respect for Mrs. Lisa Lee, she killed it. Man she sounded like she was the leader of the crew on that one. Lisa Lee is another courageous pioneer of the hip hop game. Also the first woman, to be featured in a hip hop movie. To read Peebley Poo and Sha- Rock’s story go to we are working on getting Lisa Lee’s story as well. Their are other females such as Wanda Dee, Debbie Dee, Lil Sha- Rock and others that made a strong contribution to hip hop.

31-Grand Master Caz birth party at the new Fever.1992 (note: L.A. Sunshine standing in for J.D.L. Mele Mel, Big Daddy Kane, Whipper Whip and Kevin Kev get on the mic, and Starsky is 90min.

32-Busy Bee, Master Don and the death committee, and the cold crush brothers, as well as L.A. Sunshine. Harlem World 1982 90min.(Busy Bee rocking and he didn’t know till the last minute and Master Don and the crew tear it up.)

33-Treacherous 3 in Bermuda 1984 side A D.J. Hollywood at Harlem world 1982 side B (Note: The Treach do there records Body Rock, At the Party, Whip it, We’ll turn you on, Action, Get up, Feel the Heartbeat and a Jackson 5 routine then they freestyle off of the record sucker M.C. the breakers in attendance are Fastbreak and Mr. Wiggles. Side B Hollywood starts mixing and rocking to numbers and super freak he does "well" routine and his chorus in the back ground of m.c. Artie Art and Disco Romeo and sounds like there might be others. This is a Andre Harrell production- 90min.

34-JDL, Almighty KG, Ruby Dee, Hi-C, Theodore, D.J. Magic Mike, Quinny Queen. Location unknown 60min.

35-Cold Crush4, Whiz Kid, Touch of class disco, Debbie Dee, Wanda Dee, Lil Dave. Stardust Ballroom 90min. (note: Toney Tone opens up for the Crush By asking security to move the crowd back. Whiz Kid on the beat box)

36-Theodore, Bambaataa, Rocksteady-danceateria 120min.

37-Flash and the furious5, Kool Kyle, D.j. Sinbad T- Connection 1979 (note: Raheim starts off rocking to Johnny the fox. Cowboy comes behind and is rocking off of the bells, later FLASH is cutting "listen to the base man" and the crowd is loving it also he gets on the beat box and the do their routine and its Kool Kyle’s birthday and he is singing off of got to be real and Mel is saying some dope rhymes to the record groove to get down. This is a really good party they all rock.)60min.

38-Cosmic Force, Soulsonic Force, Jazzy Jay, at Amityville Long Island side A(note: Bam rocks the beat box.)
Pow wow, Raheim, Lisa Lee, Ice Ice, Sundance, Africa Islam, Jazzy Jay etc. side B outside jam (note: Pow Wow makes a shout out to crazy phil Lisa Lee does her thing like I never heard before. They all rock the echo chamber.) 60min.

39-Flash and the Furious5, 1980 location unknown (note: this the only routine I ever heard on there tapes other then them doing there records and it’s the "till the break of dawn" routine.) 60min.

40-Harlem World M.C. throw down 1982-T-Ski Valley (note: he not only does his record catch the beat, he also does other routines that are pretty good.) also Spoonie Gee, Busy Bee, Force M.C., Fantastic Five, Cold Crush four. (Note: the quality of the sound is not the best, but with the EQ. It sounds fine.)

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE-Do you remember?
Alps hotel……………..Boston road and long fellow ave.
Andrew Jackson Com. Cen…325 East 156th st. Courtland Ave.
Arthur’s Round Table….Bronx River. Notorious After hour spot!
Basement……………….Garacin ave. First spot were Flash, Mean Gene and Cowboy were rocking together.

Bronx river center……...1619 East 174th st. Bronx river avenue. Zulu home.
Black door………………163rd st. Freeman avenue. In 1981 became the Dixie Flash, Mele Mel and Cowboys home.
Boston Road ballroom…
Boys club…………….….1665 East173rd st. Hoe avenue. Easy A.D. home
Burger King- disco……..163rd st. Prospect ave. as crazy as it sounds Flash did party’s there. They would unscrew the tables and chairs at 7:30 p.m. it was time to party.
Burger King…………….176th st. Webster ave. same thing here also.
Cadet HQ……………...170th st. Jerome ave. the deegan?
Castle hill comm. and park….Castle hill and Randle ave.
Cedar park…………….. Burnside. home of Kool Herc and were Theodore first showed his invention "scratching".
Christ the King……….…170th st. Grand concourse
Club 371………………...?
Co-op city com. Center…Co-op City.
Disco Fever…………….167th st. Jerome ave. Flash and the Furious5
Disco Fever new………..East Tremont and Webster ave.
Double 6’s club…………Melville and Morris ave.
Echo park……………….Burnside ave.
Ecstasy Garage…………1508 Macomb’s rd. 170th st. home of the Cold Crush brothers.
Emma’s Place…………..around the corner from the T-Connection
Empire roller rink………Empire blvd. And Bedford ave.
Executive Playhouse……?
Forrest projects…………166th st. Forrest ave.
Hevalo………………...176th st. Burnside
Inner city disco………….169th st. prospect L. Brothers home
I.S. 131………………….Theriot ave.
I.S. 167………………….East Tremont West Farms
Jackson pro………………158th Cortland ave. house D.J. Jazzy Black
James Monroe cent………1790 Story ave.
j.h.s.123…………………..Watson ave. home of Disco King Mario and the Chuck city crew, ex Black Spades did security. Also called the Funky 3
J.H.S. 137………………..885 Bolton ave.
j.h.s.147…………………Webster ave. and Claremont
j.h.s.148…………………169 3rd. ave.
Hill Top…………………...
Hunts Point Palace……….953 Southern Blvd.
Kelly’s Palace……………981 Southern Blvd. (on top of Kelly’s furniture.)
Kips Bay boys club……..Between Pugsley ave. and Randle ave.
Maxwell Park……………St.Pauls and 3rd ave.
Mitchell Gym……………136th st. Alexander ave.
Monroe H.S…………….up the hill from bx. river another home of Zulu.
More Houses Gym……..
Morris H.S………………Boston Rd. 166th st.
P.A.L……………………183rd st. Webster ave.
Park Lane……………….1965 Lafayette Avenue.
Prospect theater…………163rd st. Prospect avenue.
18 park…………………..behind the Patterson projects. Casanova turf.
23 park………………….?
104 park ………………...? Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde home
116 park…………………175th st. Walton ave.
118 park…………………180th st. Arthur ave. and Belmont ave.
123 park…………………Theriot and Leland ave.
145 park…………………Webster ave.
The Puzzle………………
Recovery Room…………149th st. Grand Concourse. After hour spot.
Roller dam……………….?
Savoy manor…………….120 east 149th st. between Walton ave. and the grand concourse
Skate Fever………………176th st. Jerome ave. off Mount. Eden
Skate palace……………...930 sound view ave.
Smoke Stack……………..Jennings and Bristow Avenues
South Bx. H.S……………Stanns ave.
Sound Symposium……….3813 Boston Rd and Bay Chester ave.
Sound View Com. Center..1680 Seward ave.
Spin Easy Roller Rink……3816 Ninth Avenue and 205th street
St. Andrews Epl Ch……...Virgil ave.
Stevenson H.S……………1980 Lafayette ave.
Star dust ballroom……….. 3435 Boston Rd.
Stadium hotel…………….cedric ave.
St. Martin’s Hall………….2239 Crotona Avenue (across from Aquinas H.S.)
T-connection…………….. 3510 White plains Rd.
Twilight Zone…………….?
The Valley………………..Rock Park baychester
White Castle………………Soundview, Bruckner expressway after the Bronx river party, go eat and hangout.
The World Roller Rink……
Your Spot…………………2008 Webster Avenue and 179th street.
Needs more names and address open for suggestions and corrections. Must cater to oldschoolhiphop 77 to 83

41-Cold Crush Four, Treacherous Three -Hoe ave. Boys club 1982 (note: D.L.B. stands in for Kool Moe Dee and Caz does a new rhyme and Tony Tone’s mother is there as well as associates of the movie Wild style.)-60min.

43-Side A the Cold Crush 4 and Busy Bee Harlem World 1981 (note: Caz, J.DL and Busy Bee rocking Hut together. Caz says "to all the virgins in the house, thanks for nothing".)
Side B Flash and Kurtis Blow 1979 unknown location, on that same side Zulu nation Long Island with Mr. Big, Hutch Hutch, and Pow wow and he is doing a rhyme about buffalo bill -date unknown. -60min

44-Flash and the Furious five T-Connection 1980 (note: Cowboy opens up to Got to be real and he is using an echo chamber.) side B Force M.C. Broadway international 1983 (note: Bee Fats is cutting after the force finishes.)-90min

45-Flash and the Furious (note: Five Mellie Mel opening up for the crew with cowboy following off of breaking bells and playing other records such as head hunters, Johnny the fox and rocket in the pocket.) Fantastic five. 1980 T-connection. -60min

46-Boat ride coming from Bear Mountain. Cold Crush four, Treacherous Three (note: this party they are coming back from bear mountain and Caz says they are getting there $5.50 worth, Caz and JDL rocking Hut. Check tape 124 for them going to Bear Mountain. I finally found it!)-90min
47-side A the Incredible 3. M.C.s Tech Ski, Destiny, Chucky Chuck and D.J. Lil Chase. (Note: no location or date and it appear to be three different shows by them.) Side B Funky Four + 1(note: KK Rockwell starts by saying "he likes to do his thing" off the record got to be real and the other m.c.s one by one say the same thing one by one then they go in to routines. There is no date or location safe to assume 79.)

48-side A Treacherous three at? (Note: This is a nice clear tape and the party is cool.) Side B Kool Moe Dee in concert at Greenville South Carolina 1987 (note: Moe dee is doing his records wild wild west, how you like me now etc, also speaks about the feud between him and LL cool J at the Apollo.)-90min

49-Cold Crush 4, Funky 4+1 Halloween T-connection 1981 (note: Caz and JDL are doing there notorious two routine as well as there others with A.D. and K.G. Caz also says its not as pack as the night before when they were at south Bx. High school and the funky four are doing a lot of shout outs to the fantastic and cold crush as well as Busy Bee and then they do a few routines and some nice free style.)-60min

50-Dougie Fresh and Kid West, and others at different parties. And a home recording. Busy Bee and Rock steady in Tokyo 1983 and 198? -90min

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE-Do you remember?
Armory 369 Regiment Armory…2366 5th ave.
Amphitheater…………FDR drive East Houston Green park. Famous last setting for the wild style movie.
Audubon……………...166th st. Broadway were Malcolm X was assassinated.
Bath house Kennedy….135th st. 5th ave.
B.&.B………………...2234 east 122nd st. 3rd. ave.
Bonds International……45th street and Broadway.
Broadway Inter……….146th st. Broadway
Bunch of Grapes………125th st. 5th after hour spot
C+C disco……………..over Lenox Lounge on 125th st. Lenox ave.
Celebrity Club………...125th st. 5th ave.
Central Park East………110th st. 5th ave. Magnificent 7 turf.
Chama Day Care………147th st. 7th and 8th ave. Master Don turf Charles Gallery………..125th st. between St. Nicholas and 8th ave.
Chuck center…………..between 115th st. and 116th st. and 2nd ave.
Clinton Center…………110th st. Lexington ave. M7 turf.
Claps the………………309 west 125th st
Close Encounters………next door to the Broadway International
Club Fresh…………….108west 43rd st.
Club Negrils…………..181 east 11st. 2nd Ave.
Danceteria…………….21st. between 5th and 6th st.
Earths Edge…………...?
Foster Center………….2w. 115th st. 5th ave. King Towers (Foster projects)
Fun house……………..26th st. between 10th and 11th ave.
Grant projects…………123rdst. to 125thst. between Broadway Amsterdam ave and Morningside ave.

Harlem world…………116th st. Lenox ave. legendary battle between the Fantastic 5 and the Cold Crush 4 site, as well as Moe Dee, Busy Bee Battle.
Hotel Diplomat……….47th st. Broadway
I.S. 201……………….127th st. Madison ave.
Latin Quarters…………48th st. between Broadway and 7th ave.
Lincoln center sq.……..65th st. west end ave. and Amsterdam ave.
Lincoln West com…….2110 Madison ave. 133rd st.
Mr. Souls……………...115th st. 5th ave.
ManhattanVille pro…….126th st. old Broadway to 130th st.. Amsterdam ave.
Mount Morris park…….123rd st. Madison ave.
Nat Holman Gym……...City College 138th st. Convent Ave.
P.A.L………………….123rd st 8th and 7th ave.
Peppermint lounge…….15th st. 5th ave. moved from 45th st. Broadway
Ponderosa…………….145th st.8th ave.
Printing High School…50th st. 9th ave.
Randy’s Place…………..309 west 125th st. 8th ave. and st.Nicholas.
Renaissance……………137th st.7th ave.
Roof Top………………155th st. 8th Ave.
Roxys………………….18th st. 10th 11th ave.
Shomberg center………110th st. 5th ave. M7 turf
Smalls Paradise………..135th st. 7th ave.
The Spot………………..West 21st between 5th and 6th Avenue
Terrace Ballroom………26 East 125th st. bet. Mad and 5th ave.
This Bitter Earth……….125th st. 5th ave. after hour spot
3333 Broadway…………135th st. Broadway
Union Sq………………..14th st Union Sq.
Wetlands………………..Hudson st. near canal st.

51-Cold Crush4, Fantastic 5, Boogie boys T-Connection 1980- 90min

52-Funky Four T-Connection they are using an echo chamber. Master don death committee at Patterson N.J. (note: they sing a routine from a Gladys Knight song. And do their famous song funk box. 90min.

53-Black History month-Cold Crush D.ST Infinity rappers, Debbie Dee, Jazzy 5 Jazzy Jay, Magical five, Busy Bee Location and Date unknown 90min. (note: this tape Caz dedicates the next routine to the most supt. Up niggers that charge $7 and don’t do a show, D.ST I believe is using a synthesizer, the jazzy five music went out cause somebody step on the cord and their was a fight.)

54-Force M.C.s BATTLE Cold Crush 4 Patterson N.J. 60min. (note: This tape was cleaned up by my man Dagod9 only flaw it’s a bit slow in the very beginning but after that its dynamite. The force put on an excellent show but the Cold Crush, from the words of Caz, never went there to battle, in fact the Force wasn’t there when the Cold Crush was on stage, the Force was coming in when the Cold Crush was leaving. And if you listen close the Cold Crush never makes reference to the Force. But it still was a good show.)

55-Dougie Fresh Battles Master Don and the death committee on side A, Side B Dougie Fresh and the get fresh crew as well as the Tranquilizing three 60min. (note: Dougies human beat box battles Barry Bee’s turntables. Also Barry Bee battles DJ Smalls. Master Don cuts with sneakers on his hands. And Master Dons M.C.s battle Doug saying he wears Corduroys in the summer but the tape doesn’t have Doug battling them back.)

56-L-brothers BATTLE Herculoids 1978 Side A, Side B L-brothers and the Zulu Nation T-connection 1979 90min. (note: Side A sounds pretty scratchy needs work. Side B is the bomb, Theodore cuts super sperm better then any body in this world.)

57- Live Convention- L-brothers, Treach 3, Busy Bee, Mellie Mel, Flash, Theodore, E-man, Smiley. (Note: This is an amazing tape because this is were the 81, 82 convention albums were made from. its not the best quality tape, in fact I had to fill in some parts from the albums because it sounded so bad from hissing, but you can tell very easily that those albums were taken from this tape, and its really from 1980 and they are rocking at the celebrity club and it’s Smiley’s birthday!)90min

58-Zulu Nation: Hutch Hutch, Mr. Big, Pow Wow, Sundance, Africa Islam. Bronx river center 1979 90min. (Note: One of the many jams they rock is "toys in the attic".)

59-Zulu Nation: DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Robbie Rob, M.C. Globe, Lil Ikey C, Pow wow, Mr. Biggs. T-Connection 1980 60min. (Note: second record Bam cuts is Hut and later on "1,2,3,4 hit" it as well as "that’s the joint" and bustin loose and the telephone jam, in that order.)

60-Zulu Nation: Charlie Rock, Bam, Red Alert, Whiz kid, Bill Blast, Pow wow, M.C. Globe. T-Connection 1980 60min. (note: a little static, they rock a lot of songs such as love and effect ion, Numbers, "Can I shine yawl shoes", Funky penguin, big beat and others.)

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- lets talk about Grand Master Flowers. It is said that their is a time when Mr. Flowers was such a bad meaning good, brother that he had once opened up for James Brown at Yankees Stadium.
The history of Mr. Flowers is he use to go up to the Bronx from Brooklyn to hear Kool Herc play. They were some what similar in the fact that they had very strong, powerful systems and they built there own speakers. Now Flowers on his visits to the Bx. to check the other D.J.s, notice Flash and his greatness. He quickly named Flash, Grand Master. That’s right Flowers named Flash, Grand Master. Flowers felt That Flash took to a whole new level. In 1974 Flowers popularity grew so much that he played at the most popular clubs N.Y.C. he was even mentioned in the commercials that WBLS did for Studio 54. By 1975 Mr. Flowers formed his crew which was called " THE GMF CREW" which consist of D.J. Blue, Aron and Barren. From 76 to 79 he was very strong and popular. But by 1980, ended up succumbing to drugs. In 1992 he died because of drugs. Peace and blessings to you and your family, Grand Master Flowers. Check his sound and style at tapes 97 and 98. peace

61-Grand master Flash mix (note: Flash cutting such records as Children growing, Toys in the attic, the honey drippers, Corzon, Dance to the drummers beat etc.)

62-Grand master Caz Break beats- (note: Caz cutting such records as jimmy castors "its just begun", Rock creek park, the Mexican, Frisco disco, Keep your distance, Mary Mary etc.) 90min.

63-DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Starsky, DJ Divine, Flash, Mellie Mel and Kurtis Blow-Jamaica Queens Armory 1979 (note: this is a good party and a fine tape of sound, it was well preserved. And some of the m.c.s make reference to the sugar hill gang in a negative way, also Flash rocks the beat box.) 90min.

64-Side A-Treacherous three and T La Rock at Hempstead L.I. 1984 (note: This side of the tape the Treach are truly rocking and T La Rock does his cut "It’s yours" the quality is real good no hissing what so ever only problem it’s only coming out of one speaker so I am working on trying to get it to come out of the other side.) Side B- Treacherous three 1st. Anniversary, DJ Starsky, Spoonie Gee and Busy Bee 1981 Harlem world (note: the party is dope but the quality gets kind of bad when the tape gets to the treach starting there show. Busy bee sounds real good at the end rocking off heartbeat but he goes off too soon, but I enjoyed the show.)90min.

65- Fantastic five T- Connection 1980 (note: This sounds like two different party’s the first they make reference to it being Cool Herc and Bambaataa’s birthday and the other makes reference to Mr. Magic in the house.) 60min.

66-Dotta Rock’s birthday party, the second half.1980 T-Connection (note: this is the second half of the party, I am looking for the first half. Also Fantastic announces they were going to battle the Crash crew the next night.) Side b, This is the end of tape 4. The CC4 do there routines and Wiz kid is cutting in the place of Charlie Chase. Caz also Sings off of "ain’t no stopping us now". 90mins

67-{note: radio to speaker} Fantastic five first anniversary at Harlem world 1981 (note: this is a radio facing the speaker tape and this is one of there better shows only problem like always it seems they have mic problems, this is a dam good show they put on there is a lot of crowd participation. any body got the straight to tape show please hit me with it. Also the Harlem world crew rocks in between some hissing but better then I thought. Don’t sleep on this tape.) 90min.

68-{note: radio to speaker} Busy Bee, Fearless four, Devastating 3, Sweet G. Queens (note: Darrell C is cutting for Busy Bee and Busy is a funny brother before he starts rocking talking about he lives across from abandon buildings in the Bronx also its his birthday. anybody got the straight to tape show.) 90min.

69-{note: radio to speaker} Mean Gene, Theodore 3rd ave. Ballroom 1977 (note: although this is a radio to speaker tape you would never know until the m.c. comes on. Theodore and his brother are cutting a lot of good records.) 90min

70-Dr.Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde unknown location possibly 1979 side A Flash supposedly The Disco Fever 1984 side B (note: both sides sound kind of scratchy and hissing, the Jeckyl side which they open up to toys in the attic and Ronnie green is the D.J. and Flash starts with his Jam "it was a party night".)

LET’S GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- What up family. Lets for a minute think about the singer in each group and soloist, and of them all who was the best.
Furious 5- Rahiem it is said, was some what the first to start singing when he was running with the Funky 4. It was also said that he was boss the way he sounded and that’s why to this day people fein for funky 4 tapes, when Rahiem was down.
Now when he got down with Mel and Flash you never really heard him sing unless it was that routine "Flash is on the beat box" and the brother sounds real good, listen to tape 4. (Note: I was told from my man Rams that Rahiem and the Funky 4 who were originally Keith Keith, K.K. Rockwell Sha rock and Rahiem were one of the first major groups in the very beginning, and one of the ways they made there mark as the elite, was through the voice of Rahiem. In one of there many routines, they did one from the Crazy Eddie commercial in the mid 70s and it was like a dedication to Breakout their D.J. and the crew. Some of you historians remember how that melody went, so just imagine Rahiem doing lead, doo wop style and that voice of Sha- Rock also. From what I heard it was truly blazing.)

Master Don and the Death Committee- Gangster Gee does a routine slash song to the melody of one of Gladys Knight’s song. Now me, my self personally I did not care for this song/routine but I give him props for doing something different for his crew and I am sure that others dug it cause he sounds very professional, and the chick s were going crazy. Check tape52 and 73.

Fearless 4- Peso does a routine slash song off of a Stevie Wonder song and he sounds chill, to be honest with you, he surprised me. Check tape 18.
Cold Crush 4- Grand Master Caz does his routine slash song off the melody "ain’t no stopping us now" he also sounds chill and also surprising because I did not hear him sing until long after I heard those songs the Cold Crush were singing collectively. So when Caz starts to sing he does his thing. Check tape 66.

Magnificent 5- Rayvon is a bad brother that’s all I can really say you are going to have to listen to tape 76 for yourself. He sounds similar to Hollywood and at the same token its all Rayvon’s style. I really think this brother missed his calling he and Johnny Wa sound great together. Rayvon is the show. I strongly suggest you listen to tape 76

Cosmic Force- Lisa Lee like I said sounded like the leader of the crew. That routine was very original.
Force M.C.s-When it comes to singing there is nothing needed to be said; they went on to be come legendary. Thank the Lord for the Force they are some talented brothers.

Kurtis Blow- Much props to him, he killed it with that "Day dreaming". Chicks were bugging out when they heard it. And I dug it so I know other fellas dug it. My man Victor Ayala said when he came here from P.R. during that time, he did not know any English, but he learned the words to that song before anything else, that’s how slamming that jam was, and I also felt that was a very underrated accomplishment by Kurtis Blow. Check tape 26
Jazzy 5- Master Dee I think could have went on and became a singer and I am going to have to ask around to find out what became of him and his singing.
Kool Kyle the Star Child- check tape 37 I really don’t know if his main intention was to add singing to his repertoire but he sound good here at his birthday party with the small piece he did.
Mean Machine- Jimmy Mac does a decent rendition of Michael Jackson on tape 92

71-Busy Bee 1st. Anniversary, Furious 5, Cold Crush brothers, P.A.L 1981(note: Charlie Chase is there cutting for busy bee. flash not there for the Furious five so all they are doing is passing the mic. JDL is not there for the Cold crush which is kool cause Caz holds it down, doing his rhymes plus his song off of "ain’t no stopping us" record.) 90min.

72-Busy Bee, Cold crush 4, Fantastic five, 81 T-Connection (Note: Busy Bee starts off to Freedom and then says sneak preview as he starts to rock to funky president then JDL starts rocking with busy and Caz gets on with them to Hut, also rocking "On" as well as Mary Mary.) 90min.

73-Master Don and the Death Committee, Force m.c.s, Dougie Fresh and the Crash crew. 83 Savoy manor (note: Master Don and the crew do work in this show. Not only do they do routine off of Gladys knight theme they also do one off of Sly and the family stone as well as others and Don rocks the beat box. Dougie Fresh does his thing, also disses Busy Bee in a rhyme. The Force tries to rock with out there D.J. and the Crash crew time on, unfortunately is finish before there act is done because somebody starts shooting.) 90min.

74- Cold Crush4 and Dougie Fresh at the Shirley arena in Long Island 1984 (note: K.G. starts off rocking to "Billie jean", they are mostly saying new rhymes. Caz does a rhyme about sexing a girl and about being an M.C. GOD. K.G. mic was having a problem. Dougie Fresh opens up to "what people do for money". He battles His D.J. Chill Will Human beat box battles the D.J. He has a lot of fan participation.) 2nd party which is only a quarter of the tape has Dougie Fresh and Crazy Eddie are rocking in Manhattan Ville projects and along came Silver Fox who did his thing 1982.60min.

75-Dougie Fresh, Tito of the Fearless four, Kid west, Magic Dee House tape 1984 (note: I would have to say that Kid west rocked this tape then Tito and then Doug. Magic Dee also made his presence felt.) Not a full 60min.

76-This is three different party’s on this one tape that are BLAZING Side A has Flash, Kurtis Blow, Disco Four at Randys Place 1982 (note: It sounds as if there is fight at the end cause the M.C. keeps saying please get off the tables and calm down.) On that same side another party with an unknown location it’s the Treacherous 3 along with Spoonie Gee and Moe Dee makes reference to the up coming battle between them and Furious five. It appears obvious that this battle was already negotiated, but as history shows it never happened. I asked L.A. once why did they never battle, he said the furious just kept on ducking them. Side B Johnny Wa, Rayvon, Kool Kyle, Treacherous 3 at P.A.L. in Harlem 1981 (Johnny Wa and Rayvon do a fantastic show it almost sounds like Rayvon is doing D.J. Hollywood’s style.)60min.

77-Funky 4+1 and the Zulu nation 1981 123 park (note: there is about to be two different fights at this party. Africa Islam and Jazzy Jay are cutting and it is Breakouts birthday. They also rock Flash is on the beat box plate.) 60min.

78-Funky 4+1 at the T-Connection 1981 (note: the crew is doing work, but Rodney Cee steals the show doing rhymes about his sons a girl name melody and smoking dust and other rhymes.) 60min.

79-Lisa Lee, Rahiem, Pow wow outside jam (note: Lisa Lee kills it on this party like I never heard her it is worth listening to.)
Funky 4+1 1980 T-Connection (note: the crew is rocking off the echo chamber. Keith Keith does a rhyme with the gilligans island melody and Rodney cee does a rhyme about how the crew got together.) 60min.

80-Whipper whip, Dotta rock, Frankie Rowe, Bill blast, Jerry Dee, Warlock 5 1980 T. Connection (note: they are mostly passing the mic around, the Warlock 5 show is not complete.)
Wiz kid, D.J. Lady love, Bambaataa M.C. Globe 1981 T. Connection (note: the D.J.s are just cutting a lot of records half are cool out records and it feels like every body is laid back.)90min.

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- In an interview with J.D.L. I asked him "What were your thoughts on the Force M.C.s, did yall have beef before and after this so called battle, cause I asked Caz was it a battle he said "no". He said when Crush were leaving they were just coming in. When you listen close I never hear the Cold Crush 4 mention them". Also how was the relationship afterwards? J.D.L.s response was "The Force M.C.s were real good, they had tight, good, cute, novelty routines (like a nice breath of fresh air). Their D.J. was on point, and they wanted to be the top m.c. crew (secretly) and so the crowds gave them love, other m.c. crews gave them props, we did too! However like I explained to you before that, all those groups wanted to get at us except the alliance (Treach 3, fearless 4, Dougie Fresh). Why? Because every single M.C. contest we got in we won and all them groups that were in them couldn’t do nothing about it! And I mean we never dissed no group that didn’t draw blood first, always humble and confident, polite and never no snake moves! So back then a lot of promoters use to hook up fake battles to draw the crowd and make a lot of money, the groups that would of supposedly battled were told in advance it was rigged just come do your regular show get paid, all is good. We had no beef with the Force M.C.s at the time so I don’t know what was on there mind. We did mad shows with them, even in the Shaolin (S.I., their turf) and got along alright. Any way we had 3 shows that night and wanted to knock out that show first cause it was in Jersey, so we got there, got on and bounced, did a regular show kept it moving, we didn’t even get dressed. So the next day we were at Caz house practicing and this kid that was a roadie let us listen to the tape and we was like "this don’t make no sense" so we called our manager and asked him when was the next time we were playing with the Force M.C.s and it just so happen that next week we were playing with them at printing H.S. so we rolled up in there strong like the untouchables on some gangbusters. Went dead up in their dressing room, surrounded them and asked them why they did that foul move. They broke down and gave some lame excuse. So we took what they was getting paid that night (with out guns) and told them that at the next Harlem world party they are to apologize to us in front of capacity crowd and let the crowd no what they did. I don’t know if there’s a tape of that night but the next M.C. contest after that we stood in front of the stage when the Force got on, wished them luck and A.D. threw a rabbit’s foot in Mercury’s (R.I.P.) face and when we got on last at that particular M.C. contest we broke out with two new dance steps. Two smoking new routines and before we got off we showed them the money the contest was paying cause the promoter knew we was going to win and paid us right before we got on stage. Then Caz threw $100.00 in singles in the crowd, which caused pandemonium and we left! And our relationship with them after that was "you bring it to us again we will end your career"! To read the whole interview between me and J.D.L. go to site

81-Fantastic 5, Touch of class disco 1980 T. Connection (note: this is mostly Touch of class disco party but only Apollo one and Terry Tee were able to perform.) 60min.

82-Brothers 4, Pernelleo, pernelleo’s little brother, Bam boo crew, Master don and the def committee, Mafia family, Fearless four, Mr. Bond, D.J. Mr. Freeze, Elmo, Dollar Bill. 1980 Terrace ballroom (note: this is a contest and one of the judges is L.A. Sunshine. I am not happy with this tape cause I cannot tell if this tape sounds scratchy or gravely cause of D.J. equipment or cause of the systems that were recording this after the show. I would give the trophy to Master don and the crew.) 60min.

83-Zulu Kings: Grand Master Caz, Mellie Mel, Busy Bee, Bronx style Bob. Also Ice Tee, Donald Dee, Lil Steve and female m.c. Star lite. 1986 at Prospect theater. (note: The Zulu Kings do there thing, especially when they do there routine about marijuana laced with crack, which are called woolers. They use the record called rumors by I believe the group timex social club. The show is pretty good. One thing that has not change they are insulting the hell out of hecklers. Ice Tee makes reference to the infamous Larry Davis being caught by the cops the night before and so Ice Tee tells the crowd he had his bail and the crowd loved it. Also there is a third of a show from the zodiac club on there, pretty much the same thing.)90min.

84-Zulu 16th Anniversary-Lord Finesse, Jungle Brothers, B.D.P. KRS1, Dougie Fresh and Jazzy Jay cutting for him. 1990 at Bronx river. (note: KRS1 and Doug put on a hell of a show, Finesse and jungle put on a good show also.)90min.

85-Kid Capri, Star Child , Busy Bee, Cowboy. 1988 at the Roof Top. (note: Cowboy in the house for one side doing his thing. a very interestingly funny tape.) 90min.

86-Brucie Bee, Busy Bee. 1988 at the Roof Top. (note: Busy Bee is a very funny brother here and the party is rockin.) 90min.

87-Kid Capri. 1988 at the Roof Top. 90min.

88- Love Bug Starsky. 1992 at the Roof Top. 90min. (note there are thousands of these tapes. I remember it was 86 or 87 my man Big Bub said this brother Kid Capri of the Roof Top uptown 155st was selling tapes of the party’s he was, for $10 and right away all the fellas were jumping on it and the rest is history. Cause to me that’s were all these mix tapes of today started from, Kid Capri and Brucie Bee as well as Kool Kyle the Star Child. These tapes were the thing back then. Although Capri was banging I liked Brucie Bee better I guest cause he had the chill voice with the lil echo. Yo the best thing I can tell you, if you are interested in more of these type of tapes, Check my man Rock of "Rock and Will" his store is at 23west 125th st. in back of the jewelry counter. between Lenox and 5th or call him at 1-212-534-2056.

89-Grand Master Caz, K.G., Donald Dee, Ikey Cee and the Force m.c.s with Jazzy Jay cutting for them. 1983 at Bronx river. (note: Caz and K.G. cut off too soon, and Jazzy Jay is cutting real good for the Force m.c.s, especially when he cuts "catch the beat". Ikey Cee is also on this tape.)90min.

LETS GO BACK FOR A MINUTE- I am going to speak about the Fantastic 5 for a moment. Right after I heard the Fantastic 5 battle with the Cold Crush, I felt that they were very good and in my honest opinion they won the battle, over all the Cold Crush 4 is a better, a much better crew and I only say that because I am a fan. But on this night Fantastic won and the reason is they had a totally new show of routines. When Kevie Kev asked Dotta Rock if he was ready to win the G and Dot said the gusto is going home with me. You knew something was about to happen. Cause first the lyrics of the intro was slamming but you hear chicks screaming and people yelling, then they have mic problems, but go back in to there routine saying "like a four leaf clover when the party’s over the Cold Crush will be starving Marvin". The routine and rhymes were real tight. Headhunters was like one of my favorite records so when that came on they just killed it. Then Theodore came on later and killed it with hand cuffs and Kevie Kev said "We handled the 4, and Theodore handled them all". I found this to be a very interesting moment in hip hop so I had to get some real good inside information, so I had to see my man the rhymethologist J.D.L. My question to him was "What tipped off the BATTLE and what was the buzz (feeling) in the Bx. in the days leading up to the battle"? Well Busy Bee amped that up. We all were in the ecstasy garage us, them, and Busy waiting to get paid after the show taking flicks. Busy is under the influence talking garbage. I don’t know maybe Busy knew we kind of had an edge on Fantastic. Any way Busy said to us "yeah Cold Crush rocked it tonight but I Know who ya’ll can’t mess with" . So we said who? He said “my man Theodore and his Fantastic 5 emcee’s.” So things got mad quiet. A couple of spectators going "ooh, ooh" So Caz said the hell with that can’t nobody mess with us. So we started beefing right then and there. Mean Gene was like "ya’ll want me to cut the music back on". We were like what ever. So we bounced but it was bound to have happed anyway. So for a couple weeks we would go to their shows post up in their spot, be right up front when they get on intimidating them. Then they would come to ours and do the same thing. Then they would come to Caz crib while we were practicing and we come out side beefin with them. A promoter name Ray chandler found out about this and capitalized on it. That battle changed our lives even though we got robbed that night and got hanker chiefs thrown in our faces by them. That battle took us to a level of showmanship that after that show WE NEVER LOSS NOTHING AGAIN!!!!! I mean our professionalism had rocketed. Every m.c. contest they gave we won (about 10 of them) we got crazy awards for our stage shows. Best m.c. group and everything. Fantastic on the other hand went down and we made them feel it every time we played with them we tore them out the frame dissing them on rhymes and all. To read the rest of the J.D.L. interview go to and to hear the battle check tape number 14.

90-Kid Vicious, Donald Dee, Soulsonic Force, Afrika Islam, D.J. Superman. 1979 at the Renaissance and bx.river. (note: it starts to Mardi gras and they are using the echo chamber. Master Ice does a rhyme about "chuck a luck, black jack, five card charlie and cee low.)90min.

91-Mr. Hyde, Mr. Bond, Star Child, D.J. Ronnie Green, D.J. Artie Art. 1977 or 78 at the Foster center. (Note: D.J. Artie Art is doing some great as well as Ronnie Green. I am not sure that’s the same Kool Kyle the Star Child, if it is he might not have reached puberty yet. He does rhymes pertaining to cartoon characters. Other then that they are playing some beautiful records such as Toys in the attic, Groove to get down, dance to drummers beat and others and they are using an echo chamber.)

92-Harlem world crew- Son of Sam, Charlie Rock, D.J. Randy, D.J Tastic, 1982 outside Jam in the area of The Valley and Section 5 of the Bx. (note: First the Harlem World crew come on and they do there thing, I like there style I hope to get more tapes of them. The Mean Machine (Butch Kid, Julio, Slick Rick and Jimmy Mac) come on last and they get booed terribly and told collectively by the crowd to go home even after Jimmy Mac does a rendition of Michael Jackson’s song. In between these two groups is a contest between such groups as the Ultimate 4, Famous M.C.s, Casanova 4 and the Hypnotizing 5. The Famous M.C.s won. Also Rasta Kid got on the mic for a minute.)

93-Cold Crush 4- Record release party 1983 Danceteria (Note: The Cold Crush release there record "The Heartbreakers". In this show L.A. Starts the Four off the record by Prince "Lets go crazy" and they start to rock there records "weekend", "Punk rock rap" which J.D.L. rocks, "the Heartbreakers" and "Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold and do some of there routines. The whole show is not recorded but at least 45 minutes is in. I fill it up with a show with J.D.L., K.G. and A.D. at another location.)60min.

94- Tito and Paso of the Fearless 4, House party no date (Note: This is a house joint and the D.J. is Grand Master C.O.P. They start rocking to the actual record they used to "Rocking It" They do a routine to the record "Dog a donut". D.J. Charlie Rock comes on for a minute. Tito does a rhyme getting stuck up and Paso does one about sexing his teacher they rhyme together on meeting the president Jimmy Carter and rocking at the white house.) Side B Devastating 3 D.J. Barry Bee at Barry’s mother house July 5th 1983 (note: This is supposedly there last time rocking together, Kid West is going off to college. Doug Fresh comes on the very beginning for like an intro then the 3 do a routine from earth wind and fire and others and free style.)90min.

95-Whiz Kid, Ramsey Rams, D.J. Elroy, m.c. Spanky, Lil Dave at the T-Connection 1981 (note: This is a Kool Herc production. Whiz Kid fresh coming off winning a D.J. battle a week earlier, passes on to another D.J. who thinks he can do better, and displays that he has talent. Kool Herc speaks for a minute but briefly. Also announce a month from that day Whiz Kid will have a record release.)60min.

96-Flash, Furious 5, Jazzy J, Bambaataa at the T- Connection not sure of date. (note: This maybe two different party’s but it opens with jazzy j, and Bambaataa and they rock the Flash on the beat box plate. Next Flash and them come on and they are very involve and rock the record "walk like sex", hut and others and flash slices in that Flash Gordon piece. Not a full side only about 20minutes.) side B- Jazzy 5 in New Jersey 1981 (note: Start off doing a routine off of Jackson 5 melody "never can say goodbye". Mr. Freeze does a rhyme about "the game of life" and they rock "Jazzy Sensation".)60min.

97-D.J. Grand Master Flowers- outside jam Brooklyn 1979 (Note: This is the legendary D.J. Flowers and you can definitely hear why. Although it is all disco music you can tell why he is categorized with the other legends. His m.c., well I don’t know. His name is Barren. Flowers runs into some tech problems as well he uses sound effects.) 120min.

98-D.J. Grand Master Flowers- St. Marks Park Brooklyn 1979 (Note: Flowers has a couple m.c.s Greg Cee, Derrick Bee, m.c. Lee Wild Mike E and John V and D.J. Blue. Its mostly disco but he adds in a few breaks such as Super sperm and they rock the echo.)120min.

99-Zulu Nation 6th Anniversary (pt.1) Soulsonic Force, Jazzy Jay T-Connection 1981 (Note: Soul sonic get busy and it is nice and clear. Check tape 30 for the 2nd part.)60min.

100- Troy L.’s ALL STARS- This tape will have studio recordings from m.c.s and groups from 1977 to 1983 as well as "LIVE" pieces of shows from that era.
Side A- Whodini- Do it again
Pumpkins All Stars
Treacherous 3 and Spoonie Gee- Heat (real nice cut 2000)
Fearless 4- Fearless Freestyle
Supreme Team- World Famous
T-Ski Valley- Catch the Beat
"Live" Johnny Wa and Rayvon- at Harlem world.
Cold Crush 4- Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold
RUN-DMC-Together Forever
Just-Ice- Going way back
Side B- "Live" Lisa Lee- Outside Jam in the Bronx.
Zulu Nation- Planet Rock
Fearless 4- Fearless 4000
Kool Moe Dee- Monster Crack
Cold Crush 4- Punk Rock Rap
"Live" Cold Crush 4- at Harlem world
Fearless 4- Got to turn out
Disco 4- Were at the party
Crash Crew- High power rap
Kool Moe Dee- Wild, Wild West.

101- Cold Crush 4, Salt and Pepper M.C.s – South Bronx High School 1980 (Note: Whipper Whip and Dotta- Rock are rocking right with the Cold Crush passing the mic back and forth, and they are rocking the echo chamber real thick. K.G. does a rhyme about different soda’s, Dot does one about fly girls off the record Toys in the attic. This is a prom or graduation party for the South Bronx High School.)60min.

102- Funky4+1more- T- Connection 1980 (Note- The Funky do a routine accapella off of the melody "I know I am in love" by Chi Chi and Pepe. They do the record "That’s the joint" for the first time. Rodney Cee calls Breakout "break a ball".)

103- Jazzy 5 T-Connection 1980 (Note- I am doing a big check on this crew, cause this is not the Jazzy 5 that did " Jazzy Sensation" with Jazzy J and Mr. Freeze and the crew. This crew consist of Debbie Dee, Jazzy Ace, Busy E, Sinister Rock and Darrell Dee and the D.J.s are Master Plan Randy Ran and Patty Duke. Also it is Dot-A-Rocks birthday and Wiz Kid is also cutting.)60min

104- Zulu Nation- Red Alert, Master Dee, Master Bee, Jazzy Jay, Globe and Pow wow. Brentwood Long Island (Note-Master Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and another about giving directions to girl on how to get to the T-Connection. Master Dee does a rhyme about getting busy with a girl and another about a fool and hard times.)90min.

105- Force M.C.s from south side of Queens and the members are Cool Dee, Jazzy Gee, Sha-heam, Pookie, Darrell Dee, Disco Gee and bust these names Rahiem, Starsky and there d.j.s name is Busy Bee. Somebody give me some history on this crew. Other performers were Keith Keith of the Herculoids, Easy Gee and Jazzy Jay T-Connection (Note: It is Kool Herc and Bam’s birthday)

106- Zulu Nation- Cosmic Force, Pow Wow, Globe, Mr. Bigg Jazzy J, Hutch Hutch, Donald Dee. 1979, 80 (Note: this is 3 different party’s. 1st. Audubon Pow Wow rocks a rhyme about a bandit from the western days stealing and hiding money and coming back 10 years later, after spending his money on women and a good time he later on goes to the desert and commits suicide. And the Cosmic force kill it with there routine. 2nd party in Long Island Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about the incredible Hulk having funky cloths and dingy hair. Pow Wow does a rhyme about buffalo bill. 3rd party Jay is known as Lil Jazzy Jay or this is somebody who is Jays understudy, Pow Wow does a rhyme about Lisa Lee calling him up and telling him to come over and rock. Donald Dee does a rhyme about meeting a girl name Tiny, Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about his daughter. They are using the echo chamber.)90min.

107- Zulu Nation- Sundance, Jazzy Jay, Hutch Hutch, Pow Wow. 1979 123 Park (Note: Sundance does a rhyme about crooked things, teasing a girl in the bed before banging her and another about the channels on T.V. Hutch Hutch does a rhyme about meeting a girl on the train and another about bring two girls around.)60min.

108- Rock steady, Kevie Kev, Whipper Whip, D.J. Theodore Danceteria 1982 (Note: This is a party that the Rock steady dancers are doing there thing, even got a brother with one leg from New Jersey doing his thing. Also this is during the time Kevie Kev is about to start rockin with Flash and the Furious 5 so you hear him saying some of there rhymes.)60min.

109- Caz, Busy Bee, Furious 5, Zulu Nation - 1981 Audubon and T- Connection (Note: Mellie Mel on the echo, they play there album Freedom for the first time but they are having mic problems so they turn the record over. Pow Wow does a rhyme about how he got life in jail, Master Bee does a rhyme about dice, Master Ice does one about how he got to Rikers Island, Lisa Lee does one about Jazzy Jay rockin the music when she got off the train also does the "chittie chittie bang bang" rhyme. Busy Bee is rockin with the record "it’s the joint" and him and Caz are clowning on the mic about who is in the party. Then they go back and forth with there rhymes. Mandip lite and Herc are at the party.

110- Tito and O.G. Rock 1982 (Note: This sounds like a house tape and O.C. is the D.J. records like head hunters, catch the beat genius of love and dog the donut among others that are being played. Tito announces that "its magic will be out shortly and they will be doing it off dog the donut" O.G. does a rhyme about Kennedy high school and a rhyme about the King Queen and jack among others. Tito does rhymes by D.L.B. and Moe Dee as well as how they got together and a rhyme about D.L.B.)60min.

111- Fantastic 5, Rockin Rob and the M.C. Connection Crew 1980 T-Connection (Note: There is an award ceremony. Busy Bee and Lil Spank of the Inner City crew, give an award for Flash as the best D.J. and the Furious 5 as the Best group and most promising. Funky 4 got 2nd place. Apache, Barry Bee, Lil Rich, Lil Bit and Crazy ? make up the M.C. Connection. Kevie Kev sings along with the records of "Just a touch of Love" and "Rock with you" and Theodore once again shows why he was so great at that time by cutting "Rock with you" so well. And Fantastic Start there Hey Fellas routine.)60min.

112- Zulu Nation- 1980 (Note: This is a true Zulu Nation throw down. This is 2 party’s and both of them kill it. 1st. party is at the T-Connection Jazzy J is the D.J., Smitty Dee is on the echo, Kid Vicious, Tricky Tee, Malibu, Pow Wow and Nae Nae are the M.C.s. Malibu uses the same melody but changes some of the words to one of Caz’s rhymes, which Caz also borrowed a couple verses from Johnny Cash, that’s right the country singer. It’s Troy Troy’s birthday. 2nd party Bambaataa is the D.J. and this is were he plays a lot of his fine collection, Dance to the drummers, you are what you are, keep your distance, groove to get down, "fuck you" by Millie Jackson, love and affection and Jamaican or African song were the singers lyrics are about the t.v. mini series "Roots". Also a Latin jam were the singer is saying specific people are "a wanted man". And it was Rodney Cee’s birthday.)90min.

113- Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 1980 Lace’s Roller Rink, Roosevelt Long Island (Note: Only one mic is working so the mic is being passed around amongst the Furious 5. Kurtis Blow’s record "that’s the breaks" must of just come out cause they played it a few times. Flash is using the Infinity machine’s equipment.

114- Side A- Mighty Mike Cee, Rob Bass, Doug Fresh, M.C. Holiday, Magic Dee, Kid West, Jay Z, girl m.c. Ronnie Dee, D.J. Barry Bee Lincoln Projects in Harlem 1984 (Note: Mike Cee is doing work saying rhymes from his records and freestyling. Magic Dee kills it with his "Charlie, Molly, Wally, Polly rhyme. M.C. Holiday insults Rob Bass in a battle Rhyme, Rob Bass takes the high road and hits him back with a good quality rhyme, Holiday comes back with an average rhyme and then backs out of the battle. Doug does some human beat box for the devastating 3 m.c.s as well as his own rhymes. This tape starts out grainy but comes out decent.)
Side B- Tito, Mike Cee and Peso. D.J. Crazy Eddie and D.J. Reggie Reg. Manhattan Ville projects in Harlem. (Note: D.L.B. is not there but Fearless still kills it. UTFO is in the crowd. Crazy Eddie is cutting together the whistle from Spoonin Rap and the beat from Love Rap together, sounds real good.)

115- side A -L. Brothers 197? (note: Master Rob calls him self Robbie Rob. Busy Bee is a different m.c. while with the L. Brothers.) side B- Fantastic 5 1980. 60min.

116- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-22-1982 (Note: The Supreme Team show was ran by C Divine the Master Mind and Just Allah the Superstar and on this show The Force M.C.s are in the house doing there thing and some brothers from Jersey City known as Sweet Slick and Sly are in the studio doing there thing and the shows just bring back some memories.60min.

117- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-24-1982 (Note: Just Allah the Superstar does his routine called "Enlighten." I for got they also played Soul songs from the seventies on there shows and there doing it here.60min.

118- The World Famous Supreme Team Show- 6-?-1982 (Note: The Force M.C.s are representing again. My projects the Grant Projects is given a shout out, and at that time Grant was called GODS PROJECTS by the 5 Percenters, and they had very strong following in there at that time. Also The Earth Neffertiti of GODS PROJECTS gives a shout out of love to her GOD L-Sun. Some other fool is giving a shout out, is cut off just before he says something very embarrassing.)60min

119- The Battle of the D.J.s at The New Music Seminar 7-18-1982 (Note: The D.J.s that battle are Charlie Chase, Jazzy J and Whiz Kid. Each D.J. had an outstanding performance. It is not easy at all for me to pick who won. The Cold Crush 4 performed for 5 minutes at the end. Grand Master Caz is one of the host.)60min.

120- Cold Crush 4 21st. Anniversary (Note: I believe it is 1997. A D.J. Wendell starts out for this show. Then the CC4 come on and do there routine "other m.c.s". J.D.L. is not in attendance. After the routine, Caz talks about the difference between m.c.s and rappers. Then the crew goes into a small routine about this subject. Crash crew come on next. La Shue Bee, Darrell Cee, Reggie Reg and E.K. Mike C are the only ones in attendance for the Crash. Next up Jazzy J is on the 1’s and 2’s mixing a Erica Badu cut while Tricky Tee, Rodney Cee and Jazzy Jeff come on one by one. I take my hat off to Jazzy Jeff he did his thing. Rahiem comes on and he does his thing starting out in French. Jazzy Joyce later comes on. Caz comes on again does his thing taking his rhymes from back in the day and still having them sound dope today. Also Doug Fresh comes on and rocks the human beat box at the same time while Caz does his thing. This is also during the death of Biggie Smalls and Tupac. So Doug is asking for peace. 90min.)

121- Kurtis Blow – The Apollo 1985 (Note: This show starts off with D.J.A.J. battling Davy DMX it only last for about 5 min. DMX cuts a lil faster then A.J. who is known as "A.J. Scratch" now. But then Grand Master Flash comes up and after his set, he says "they are two very good D.J.’s but know one is faster then Grand Master Flash". Then Kurtis Blow goes into his records Christmas Rap, the Breaks and others. Timmy Tee of Hollis Queens comes and does the human beat box for Kuris Blow as he sings daydreaming.
Side B- Africa Bambaataa and the Soul sonic Force at the Fun House in 1984. (Note: Jelly Bean maybe the host. Bam is on the beat box and the crowd is amp cause the Soul Sonic Force are about to do there record Planet Rock.)60min.

122- Grand Wizard Theodore and Master Rob Birthday party. Ecstasy garage 1980 (Note: The Cold Crush 4, Rodney Cee and Keith Keith perform for Rob and Theodore and Fantastic do there thing. Frank Nitti and China get shout outs. Also Mean Gene is on the One’s and two’s for a minute.)60min.

123- Kevie Kev and Ruby Dee Birthday party. 1980 Ecstasy garage (Note: Cold Crush 4 and Busy Bee participate in the party. Dota- Rock cousin Presweet is in the house. Dot does his rhyme about an Amazon. J.D.L. is singing along to heart break hotel by Michael Jackson.)90min.
124- 3 party’s on this tape. Side A- Boat ride. I finally found it! Cold Crush 4 and Treacherous 3 are going to Bear Mountain. 1982 (Note: This is where Caz does both rhymes of him dissing a heckler. Caz also does a rhyme about a pick pocket. Caz also say’s some chick was from the "ity bitty titty committee". L.A. Sunshine does a rhyme about a fat lady. L.A. also talks about the Moe Dee Busy Bee battle.) There’s hissing. 2nd show on side A is Busy Bee at Harlem world. (Note: This is the ending to the Treacherous 3 first anniversary. Busy is rocking off of "Heart beat".) There’s hissing. Side B Force M.C.s at Valley Stream 1983 (Note: It sounds like a battle but they never say who they are going against. The Lord K-Whan is rockin with Stevie Dee and Mercury. Dr. Rock displays his speed on the turntables. K-Whan does a rhyme about Ronald Reagan. They do the Underdog routine off of Mary Mary. They let anyone from the crowd come up to do the electric boogie.)60min.

125- Busy Bee, Boogie Boys, D.J. Spivey, D.J. A.J., T-Connection 1981 (Note: Busy Bee and Sha-Rock birthday. Spivey of the Magnificent 7 is cutting real good. One of records he is cutting is Cat Stevens "Dog a Donut". A.J. only comes on for a minute. Boogie Boys and Busy Bee are having a lot of fun rockin together. Sha Rock never comes on. Busy Bee does a rhyme were he names all the Solo m.c.s (such as Spoonie, Hollywood and anybody else from that time) and says "But there’s none like me". In the beginning of the show someone in the crowd continued to flash a flash light in Bee’s face. Irritating him).60min.

126- side A, L- Brothers: Busy Bee, Kevie Kev, Master Rob (also called Robbie Rob) Theodore, Mean Gene, Claudio. 1978 (Note: Echo is being used. Show starts out with Groove to get down. Later on Trans Europe Express is played all the way out. Side B, Notorious 2, D.J. Dr. Pepper and m.c. D.J. Whitehead. Outside jam 1979 (Note: This is a block party on Creston ave. Caz says he wants to kiss the ground because he remembers back when some one wanted to try and stab him right on that block. He also makes reference to Big Bank Hank and says the rhymes that he gave Hank.) 90min.

127- side A, Cosmic Force Jazzy Jay, Mr. Biggs and Hutch Hutch 1980 (Note: They just sounded like they were having a good time.) Side B, Bug Out and Ice Ice birthday. Zulu Nation jam. T- Connection 1980. (Note: starts out with Bam playing Flash beat box plate and the m.c.s doing mic checks.) 90min.

128- D.J. Stevie Steve, Lil Rodney Cee and Lil Shot Gun. 1977 unknown location (Note: Rodney Cee is with his first D.J. Stevie Steve, before Rodney got down with Funky 4+1more. Many records are being played that I never heard. But one I recognized and have been looking for is the Smokin cheeba cheeba by Harlem Underground by the brother George Benson. As well as the Sing sing sing by Incredible Bongo Band.) 60min.

129- Side A, Fearless Four. Harlem World 1982 (Note: This is the Treacherous 3 second Anniversary. The Fearless come on before Cold Crush and Treacherous 3. You can connect this with tape number 6. Fearless do routines and there record It’s Magic. D.L.B has a nice solo when says a rhyme about him Moe and L.A. growing up where they lived at playing the 52 punches game. The Disco 4 is in the house.) 90min. Side B, Grand Master Caz birthday party. 1983 unknown location. (Note: Party starts off to Billie Jean. Also play sucker m.c.s, Beat it and Candy girl among other records. They announce there record the Heartbreakers is about to be released. Kid Kreole announces that he is supposed to battle Busy Bee. Joey Kane photographer of the Cold Crush is announced. Cold Shocking 5 perform.) 90min.

130- Zulu Nation 16th Anniversary. 1990 Bronx River. (Note: This show is connected to tape 84. Pow Wow, Mele Mel (Mel really puts his Mack down) Queen mother Rage, Y.Sell and Daddy Rich, Lord Finesse, Yam Boo, m.c. Philosopher and Mecca perform among others) 90min.

131- Disco 4, Fearless 4, Master Don and the Def Committee, Spoonie Gee, m.c. Maniac, m.c. Playboy. 1982 Manhattan Ville center. (Note: Wiz Kid is now the d.j. for Funky 4+1 more. Disco 4 free styles. Mr. Troy does his cutting up frogs rhyme. K.G. speaks on rumor that the Cold Crush is not breaking up. D.L.B. talks about how Rockin it is no.1 on W.B.L.S radio station. Master Don is rocking records and the Beatbox.) 90min.

132- Grand Master Flash, Disco Bee, Busy Bee, Mele Mel and E- Man. (Note: Check tape 57. This is the 2nd part to the Live Convention tape. This E- Man is from the Bronx! Not from the Magnificent 7 but his style is like E-Man and Rayvon from Magnificent 7 of Manhattan. E-Man sings off of “Funk you right up”. Mele Mel’s FiancĂ© is in the house.

133- side-A Dota- Rock Birthday party. Fantastic 5, Jazzy 5. This is more of tape 66. (Note: It’s Sandwich birthday also. Dot does his like routine.) Side b Kevie Kev and Rubie Dee birthday party Ecstasy Garage 1980(Note: The rest of tape 123. Busy Bee and the Cold Crush rock J.D.L. mentions the wine is getting him high. Busy Bee comments that they have a slide show for the birthday boys.)90min.

134- Side-A Treacherous 3 and Spoonie G in Connecticut. (Note: This is a outside jam. L.A. Sunshine is not in attendance this night. Disco Kid and m.c. Divine of Infinity Machine perform as well as Lady Love d.j.’s. Spoonie free styles as well as perform one of his records. Side B another outside jam. It is summer youth core check day. The crowd just doesn’t know how to act on check day. Jazzy 5 are trying to do a free show. It’s Master Bee birthday. Ez Trick is wildin out. Another show comes on with the Incredible 4 and Cosmic Force. Also Lightning Lance puts his mack down. 60min.

135- M.C. Battle, Harlem World 1982. (Note: This is like some amateur m.c. battle with a few ringers. The crew Phase 3 from Queens, m.c. Don Juan d.j. Cut Master. Another m.c. that was real good but I never heard his name. His voice sounded like he was from Europe and his routine was real good in fact he should have won the contest. Towards the end of his routine he sounded like Howard Cousell and Rona Barret. Cool A.J. Rapper Wise, Ultimate 3 m.c.s, d.j. Disco Quick. Sweet Slick and Sly, and his m.c.s using a synthesizer.) 60min.

136- Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde, Funky 4+1. T- Connection. (Note: Ronnie Green is the D.J. for Jeckle and Hyde. Some one makes an announcement “if you got the dust come up front”.)

137- All Zulu throw down. Monroe High School. (Note: The Usual Suspects; Mr. Big, Pow Wow, Hutch Hutch, Lisa Lee make up Soul Sonic Force. Jazzy Jay and Sundance. Dynamite Brothers are Ikea Cee and Ice Ice who sounds very young as they do a routine using the alphabet. Also Rocky Dee and Chubby Chub. The Echo is used. Pow Wow does a rhyme about Pierre and Timmy Tim going to jail and getting the electric chair.) Side B Whiz Kid, Globe, Pow Wow and Mr. Biggs. T- Connection 1981 (Note:Zulu have an electric boogie contest (Which was called bionic boogie contest at that time.) $50 to the winner.)90min.

138- Devastating 3 m.c.s with Kid West, Magic Dee and Barry Bee. Sounds like 1983 House tape (Note: They do a routine with the lean on me theme, also Lavern and Shirley theme. Rock records like juicy fruit, I like it, and between sheets. Side B. Dougie Fresh, Barry Bee, Chuck a Luck, Sweet Slick and Sly and the Tranquilizing 3 who do a Lavern and Shirley routine. 90min.

139- Super Sonic 4 M.C.s consist of Ricky Dee, Vicious Cee, Dwayne Dee, Ice Ice and Lil Sha Rock. D.J. Cisco and Cool Clyde Ecstasy garage Dec. 26 1980 (Note: Ice Ice putting his mack down. Vicious does a rhyme about biting no more.)60min.

140- D.J. A.J. Birthday. Fantastic 5 Johnny Wa and Rayvon and Busy Bee. Esctacy Garage. 1980 m.c.s 60min.

141- Flash and The Furious 5, Helsinki Finland, 1986. Flash opens up with Wheels of steel. Larry Love is introduced to the Finland crowd as the newest member of the crew. The people in Finland really love them. 60min.

142- M.C. Convention, T- Connection, Feb 6, 1981. Fantastic 5, Pow Wow and Globe. Cold Crush 4, Cosmic Force, A.J. and Busy Bee. Side B Jazzy 5 with Wanda Dee. (Note everybody does short sets, it sounds like a competition, but their was no winner declared. Note: somebody told Globe jokingly to get off the stage after he finished his rhyme.) 60min.

143- Master Don and the Def Committee, Rucker Park 155th st. 8th avenue, 1983. Tito and Mike Cee of the Fearless 4 came in the park and rocked with the Committee. (Note: This was a battle with a crew called the Romantic 5 m.c.s. There part is not on the tape. Everybody rocked. 90min.

144- Marauder’s Fury, Sweet, Slick and Sly, Tito and Doug E. Fresh Marauder’s Fury is group that Gangster Gee made up after he left Master Don and the Def Committee. Side b- Tito and Doug are rocking with Sweet Slick and Sly at what sounds like a House tape. 60min.

145- L-Brothers. Kevie Kev, Master Rob, Busy Bee and Theodore. (Note: Kev says the way Theodore is back spinning it sounded better than a beat box, he told the crowd it was the new beat box. Kev says if it wasn’t so cold we would tear the roof off the place. The spank dance was out at this time. Theodore played a lot of records that I had not heard before. 60min.

146- Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Edeamore center. 1980. Starts off with Flash playing Funky Drummer, Mardi Gras and Johnny the Fox. Cowboy tells the m.c.s to raise there mics. Mr. Ness does a nice rhyme about growing up in the Bronx. Mel tells the people from the Bleachers to look at what Flash was doing on the turntables. Flash, Easy Mike, and Disco Bee, all cutting Bounce Rock Skate together. I don’t know if Mel slipped but he called Creole by his original name Benny Ben. The crowd was really in it at times. 60min.

147- Larry Levan, Garage. 1980. D.J. Larry Levan is putting in work, with a lot of disco and R&B music. He also uses sound effects. I have let other people hear this tape and they really like it. 90min.

148- The Original, Funky 4. T- Connection. 1978. Sha Rock, Keith Keith, K.K. Rockwell and Rahiem. D.J.s Breakout and Baron. (Note: This is during the time when Rahiem was a member of the Funky Four. Unfortunately they are not doing any routines. 60min.

149- Side A- Cold Crush at S.O.B.s. 1993. side B- Zulu Nation 14th Anniversary. Cold Crush (Note: Money Ray steps in for J.D.L. The time is between Christmas and New Years. Caz says you can only make the telephone once, the Cold Crush are the Alexander Graham Bells of m.c.s. Caz also says that Just Ice was the first gangster rapper, Easy E and West coast came later. The Cold Crush do a few totally new routines, one is called “One Nigger, two nigger, three nigger, four.” Side B. Zulu Anniversary. (Note:Ikey Cee, Mele Mel, Kid Dust, Jungle Brothers, Doug E. Fresh and Barry Bee. Barry and Doug battle each other in a very good show. Barry Bee kills it cutting Funky Drummer. Absolutely kills it, it is a must hear. Jungle Brothers also rock, and they some funny brothers.) 90min.

150- The Original Funk 4. 1978. This is the Original Funky 4. The tape is not of good quality, but this is a hell of good find. All those years I always wondered why they were so revered; now I know why. I am still in search for a 3 m.c.s tape aka the Furious 3, to see who the best was at that time. The reason why I say that is, the Funky 4 with Rahiem is unbelievable. The L- Brothers just past the mic around on all the tapes I heard of them so far, The Original Funky 4 put on a hell of a show. They are doing the Crazy Eddie routine, Plop plop, fizz fizz routine and others, and Rahiem is singing. They also are rocking records like Paradise and others. 78min.

151- Doug E Fresh and Barry Bee, Devastating 3, Tantalizing 3. Note: It is two different shows. Doug rocks his High Bridge rhyme. Doug and Barry go head up. Doug does beat box. Tantalizing 3 does a Mary Tyler Moore routine. Chuck a Luck has a real nice style. His partners are Al Bal and Doug Sexxx. Rasta is rocking too. Devastating 3 kill it on the other side. 90min.

152- Zulu Nation. T- Connection, 1981. Note: D.J. Red Alert, Pow Wow, Mr. Big, Randy Ran, Easy G, Tony Tee does a rhyme about Boys and Girls. Master Ice is singing to the record “Watching you.” 90min.

153- Fantastic Freaks, Cold Crush 4. Note: Their is no year for Fantastic Freaks I assume it is 1983. Dota Rock is called Ice Man. Another is called Heartbreak Kid, and another is called Celebrity Freak. They do a couple of new routines one is about Elmira Prison. The second part of side a is another part of Kevie Kev and Ruby Dee’s birthday. Side B is Valentines day at the Estacy Garage and the Cold Crush are rocking. 60min.

154- Fantastic 5, Rayvon, Zulu Nation jazzy 5. Note: Fantastic 5 at Celebrity Club 1980 Easter Sunday. They are only rocking with two mics. Kev says in his rhyme “I don’t play the game of the Rappers Delight because originality is what I like.” Rayvon is rocking with D.J. Spivey. Side b Zulu is up in Mount Vernon. Jazzy Jay is on the turntables. Pow Wow and the crew is joking with the crowd having a good time, even stating they will throw money into the crowd, Pow Wow said he had a hundred pennies for them. Later Jazzy 5 rock the crowd. 90min.

155- Hollywood, Dougie Fresh and Eric B and Rakim. Note: Hollywood rocking in 1986. Doing his “Well” routine and “Poo Tang” routine. His man Capital L gets on the mic. Hollywood also d.j.s and mixes a whole lot of records. Unknown location. Side b. Doug E. Fresh, Rakim and Eric B are rocking at the Roof Top in 1987 and it is Doug’s Birthday. L.L. Cool J and others are at his party. 90min.

156- Kool Moe Dee, Dana Dane and Heavy Dee at the Roof Top 1987. Note: Heavy Dee is on last, he must have been the hottest at the time. Moe freestyles before he goes into his “Go see the Dr.” Dana Dane sounds real good even though he forgets some of his record. Heavy Dee puts on a good show also. Host of the show is very disrespectful. 60min.

157- Treacherous 3 with D.J. Darrell Cee. Note: The Treacherous 3 kills it for twenty minutes. I don’t know where they are at, but there is no routines none of their albums just freestyle, and they are killing it. The other 10 minutes that is left is the rest of the Kevie Kev, Rubie Dee party, at the Ecstasy Garage. Busy Bee, A.J., J.D.L. do their thing. Side B- Force M.C.s at Broadway International. Note: The Force m.c.s sing a melody from one of the Earth, Wind, and Fire songs. As well as do their famous routines. Stevie Dee is snapping on people again in the crowd. He might have pissed some body off because he is apologizing on this one. Dr. Shock is playing for the first time at Broadway International. B. Fats is cutting later on and doing his thing along with Ronnie Dee

158- Zulu Affair. T.C. Islam, AG, Roc Raider, Ikey Cee, Messengers of Funk, Dougie Fresh, Fat Joe Ron Gee. 1993. Note: Arthur X is the host. Ikey Cee is doing a Butter Parkay routine. Fat Joe having technical problems Doug Fresh and Ron Gee rock the beat box. The crowd really loves Doug. 90min.

159- D.J. Hollywood, Starski and D.J. Smalls. Club 371. 1979. Note: Hollywood is rocking and he has his chorus of brothers rocking with him and they are called The Corporation. Their names are Captain Jack, Spanish Mack, L.T.D., June Bug Disco Romeo and Junior. D.J. Smalls lets the crowd know that he is the son of Hollywood. From Hollywood I heard some rhymes that Busy Bee used later in 1981. Hollywood has a lot of rhymes, his choicer of records and rhythm is very good. The last ten minutes of side two has Sweet Gee on the mic and June Bug is the d.j. at the Hotel Diplomat, on Easter Sunday 1981. Sweet Gee’s Heart Beat record is out at this time. His performance blew my mind because he was doing Rayvon’s rhymes of Johnny Wa and Rayvon. He killed it. he was very clear and he had his own rhymes but I couldn’t believe that he would use so much of Rayvon’s rhymes. 90min.

160- Kurtis Blow, Jeckle and Hyde, Star Ski, Playgirls, Whodini. 1984. Note: this is at a space in Queens and it is Supreme and Corley’s birthday party. The crowd went crazy when Kurtis Blow did “A.J. scratch.” Star Ski did “At the Fever” Dana Dane and U.T.F.O. get on the mic for a minute as Red Alert spins. Fat Cat and Russell Simmons are in the house. 90min.

161-L.L. Cool J, Deuces Wild, Funk Master Flex, Omar Chandler, Justice Ice South side Queens. Note: This is Chuck Chill out birthday party. Bizmark is on the side lines asking to get on next. B.E.T.s Rap City is in the house. Cool Chip, Dr. Ice, M.C. Delight and Dana Dane is in the house. Ralph McDaniel’s is also in the house and he gets on the mic for a little while. L. L. is very sexual in his lyrics as he freestyles and does a couple of his records. Chandler sings his Joy and Pain, and other songs. Side B. Justice does Latoya the uncut version. Also does “Put that record back, The girl is a slut”. DMX does his part. Hank Love is in the house. Two emcee’s name Spank G and Dota Rock, with dancers name Prince God and Kool Raheim. They do a routine called “Do that S---.” 90min.

162- Whodini, Jeckle and Hyde, Galaxy, Oran Juice Jones, Playgirls, Lady Blue, D.J. Divine and the Infinity Machine. Encore Club. Note: Kango Kid and Dr. Ice get on with Whodini for a minute. They rock Friends, 5 Minutes of Funk, and Haunted Mansion. The Playgirls with Sparky Dee, Moe Ski and City Slime do their record but kill with their live routine. Oran Juice Jones is mostly a host. Jeckle and Hyde do their a.m. p.m. the crowd really digs them. Then they do Pumpkins All Stars by them selves. 90min.

163- Fantastic Freaks, Busy Bee, Cly and Tell Brothers, Super Lover emcees. Hempstead Long Island. 1982. Note: Herbie Luv bug, Playboy Prince Charm, Romeo the American Gigelo and D.j. quick Silver make up the Super Lovers emcee’s. They rock off of Dog the Donut. Cly and Tell Brothers do a little borrowing from J.D.L. and Special K. D.J. Divine helps Theodore with some tech problems that Kevie Kev didn’t know about. Whipper Whip is not there. Ruby Dee rhymes in Spanish. A lot of Jamaica and South side Queens is in the house. 90min.

164 – Sweet G Birthday party. Rat Ski, D.J. Kevin Kanyeah, Emcee SPUD. Note: Rat Ski is of the infamous Rat and Monkey of Queens. 90min.

165- Flash and The Furious 5, Infinity Machine. Note: The Furious 5 is at the Hotel Diplomat. Once again the Furious are passing the mic around but the sound dam good doing it. it is a Sunday night. they are using Infinity Machines equipment. It is a Christmas night. towards the end emcee Disco kid and D.j. Divine get on. Side B. Infinity Machine is in Connecticut. Emcee SPUD does routine off of F- Troop and the Jefferson’s. Emcee Sir Rap, Freaky Tee, Jazzy J get on. James “Jimmy Beat Box rocks the beat box.” Smurph dance was out at the time. 90min.

166- Hot 97 show, The Furious 5. 1993 (Note: This show is dedicated to the late great Cowboy. They do a routine off the theme from the Intruders “Cowboys to Girls”. Kid Kreole says in the routine Throw your hands up, Put your money down. Everybody lay flat on the ground. Mark the 45 King is on the decks. They do some records and freestyle.)

167- Hot 97 show, Fun Master Flex show featuring Flash and The Furious 5. 1993 90min. (Note: a lot of free styling. They do the Message and Super Rappin to Funky Drummer.)

168- Star Child at the Love Nest Club after hours spot. (Note: It is a strong debate who went first with the invention of the mix tape, but Star Child is definitely a King down with the other two Kings, Brucie Bee and Kid Capri, as he rocks R and B with Hip Hop.)90min.

169- Kid Capri r&b Classic. (Note: This is the Kid Capri Classic that many people in Harlem were rocking for years. It seemed like he broke ten year records all over again. He also seemed to put a new shine on the Jackson Five records as well. A true Kid Capri Classic.

170- Kid Capri. (Note: Kid Capri rocks Hip Hop in 1986.)90min.

171- Kid Capri. (Note: Kid Capri rocks Hip hop in 1986.)90min

172- World Famous Brucie Bee Rand B. (Note: Brucie Bee opens up with the cool echo voice by saying he is rocking on the Cool Out Side tonight. 1986)90min.

173- D.J. Hollywood at 371 Club. 1979

174- D.J. Hollywood and Reggie Wells at Club 371. 1982. (note: Starts off with Hollywood talking about sex. Reggie Wells is Captain Jack is in the house. Hollywood gets on to d.j. Sexual Healing was the hottest record at that time. Its Star Childs birthday. Hollywood does the “Well” routine. Prince Lover A.C. rocks the mic.

175- Eddie Cheba at Martin Luther King Center. July 13, 1983. (Note: Eddie Cheba is rocking with Easy G and his Cheba Crew. This is the after the boat ride party. He often refers to the people in the party as the C and C people, meaning the Cocaine and Champagne people. The popular dance at the time was the Patty Duke and Jack Benny.) 90min.

176- D.J. Whiz Kid House tape. 1981. (Note: this is a house tape strickly rocking in 1981. Whiz Kid is showing why he use to cut for Kool Herc, and why he was beating a lot of the known d.j.s of that time.) 90min.

177- Afrik Islam, Jazzy Jay, Red Alert, Cosmic Force, Soul Sonic Force, Kid Vicious. Maybe 79 or 1980. (Note: unbelievable piece of work. The D.j.s are stealing the show with the records they play. There isn’t any routines just them passing the mic around but the d.j.s are playing records like the Telephone jam with out the ring. Others I never heard, and then there are records I haven’t heard since 1982. A real good listen. They want to know if there is anybody in the house with Cheba, to come up front.)

178- Cosmic Force, Sha- Rock and Lisa Lee, L- Brothers. (Note: Side A this is the Zulu 6th anniversary. Lisa Lee takes charge of the group and starts singing before they go into there routine. Ikey Cee being the captain wasn’t happy with the situation, but he fell right in line. The second part of this side a, had Lisa Lee and Sha- Rock passing the mic back and forth. Side B has the L- Brothers rocking with out Kevie Kev. Master Rob and Busy Bee do there thing. Busy gives props to the L- Sisters. Theodore is going off again.) 60min.

179- Funky 4 + 1 more. (Note: Sha- Rocks birthday. Funky does a routine off of Happy Days Theme song Barron is doing his thing on the turntables.) 60min.

180- ImperialJayCee, Grand Wizzard Theodore and the Fantastic 5. T- Connection.1980 (Note: this is part two of tape 65. Bam and Kool Herc’s Birthday party. Fantastic passing the mic around. This is the day view of the Imperial Jay Cee. A D.J. for Kool Herc and the Herculords. He was behind Herc, Clark Kent and Black Jack. He is today looked at as the best d.j. of that time.) 60min.

181-ImerialJayCee,Theodore,Fantastic5,TouchofClass.T-Connection1980(Note: Theodore goes berserk. Imperial Jay Cee is for Touch of Class disco……)60min.

182- L.L. Cool Jay, Cut Creator, Sparky Dee, Red Alert, Run DMC at Roxy’s 1985. (Sparky Dee is very insulting to Roxanne who is in the house. Sparky does a routine to the Millie Jackson song called the F--- you Symphony. L. L. Cool J goes berserk free styling. RunDmc do King of Rock. Jimmy Spicer, Flash, Whodini, Force M.D.s, L. A. Sunshine, Mr. Magic, Spider Dee and Brooklyn are in the house.) 60min.

183- Mele Mel, Kurtis Blow and Flash at the Armory 1979 Side B Cold Crush 4 at the Ecstasy Garage 1980. (Note: this is part two of tape number 63 the Saturday night Armory show. Mele Mel and Kurtis Blow are doing a lot of their rhymes. Flash rocks the beat box towards the end. Side B, the Cold Crush. The show starts with Grand Master Caz and Easy A.D. on the mic. J.D. L. dedicates the record Busting Loose to the Ecstasy Garage girls. Caz is doing his thing on the turntables. They rock the record Hut real well by changing the word Hut to Cold Crush, then changing the word Hut to young ladies, and then Fly guy! Mean Gene, Tape Master, Joey the photographer, Germy Germ, Nuk Nuk and J.D.L.’s cousin Flitter is in the house. Break Out D.j.s also for a little while. A.D. and K.G. do some of their own routines. D.J.’s Easy Gee and Leslie Gee from Brooklyn are down with the Cold Crush at this time.)90min.

184- Cold Crush 4 at The Harlem World Crew Anniversary party, at Harlem World. 1981 Side B Furious 4 at Mitchell Gym, 1978. (Note: This party is a Harlem World Crew Anniversary party. Tony Tone opens them up and then passes the mic to Grand Master Caz who introduces them to the Cold Crush theme record Stiletto by Billy Joel. The crowd is packed and into it as the Crush does their dance routines and finishes it to Pussy Footer. A.D. of The Cold Crush announces that the radio station 98.7 Kiss F.M. will announce that the Cold Crush will be playing at Harlem World on a certain date. The Cold Crush does routines then the members all Freestyle. K.G. does a Rhyme about meeting a girl and another one about drinking Carnation milk, and Fly girls that only dance with guys that get them high. (K.G. gets down for his.) Caz does the “Candy Store” rhyme and him being a lover at heart and get you with one kiss. A.D. does a rhyme about why he doesn’t drink or do drugs. J.D.L. does a rhyme about being a Rhymetheologist. Side B Flash opens to playing “Ain’t no stopping us now”, and Mr. Ness is rocking the echo chamber. Mele Mel calls the sound system that Flash is rocking on The Gladiator. Casanova Crew is in the house. Flash is putting in work. Disco Airlines Flight 78, Paradise and other jams he is rocking. Mr. Ness makes an announcement that other emcees should stop trying to use Furious 4 rhymes.)60min.

185- Hot 97 Mic Check show with the Furious 5. 1994 (Note: Furious do a lot of Freestyle. They do routines as well as a routine to Olivia. Guys like O.C., D.L.B. Peso and Mike Cee of the Fearless Four come in as well and perform. Mike Cee really tore it up. Mark the 45 King and D.J. Broadway are in the house. Side B Theodore is in the house and KRS1 and Justice go back and forth.)90min.

186- Cold Crush 4 1982, Unknown Location. Side B. Force Emcee’s with Dougie Fresh at Staten Island. (Side A, the Cold Crush opens up to “Before I let you go” with Frankie Beverly. As Caz introduces Almighty K.G. he then tells K. to give him a pound. After he introduces J.D.L., the L says with a dry wit “nice to meet you.” Caz got the girls involve with the Frankie Beverly song. The Cold Crush does the 50 ways to rock a party routine. Some of the Cold crush security is in the house. Germy Germ is in the house. Brother name Smitty caused Caz to do his rhyme about the knuckle head heckler. They dedicate the next record to the Furious Five who at that time called them selves the Furious Lovers, but there is a big conversation about them because the Cold Crush didn’t feel they were showing them the respect they deserved as well as why Furious at that time were charging so much at their shows and not putting on a show. Side B this is an outside jam on HARBOR DAY. Mercury introduces Doug to the crowd. Doug starts by saying for everybody that likes Fat Boys and then he went into his Human Beat Box. Doug E. Fresh battles his D.J. Chill Will. The crowd is into it. Mercury, Doug and Stevie Dee pass the mic back and forth. The Force start doing their routines and Doug does his human beat box and kill it. Stevie Dee does the human beat box with Doug. Then Stevie does Rahiem of the Furious 5 rhyme and then shouts out the Furious.)60min.

187- Cold Crush 4 1980 at 118 Park. (Note: D.J.’s Leslie Gee and Easy Gee known as the Disco Enforces are part of the crew at this time along with Tony Tone and Charlie Chase. The Park is pack. K.G. and Caz rhyme along with Kurtis Blows record “That’s the Breaks.” Caz dedicates the record Funky President to Busy Bee and then does Busy’s rhymes. Caz does the “it was the Dark of the moon on the sixth of June and he was at an emcee contest” rhyme. Caz gives a shout out to his man Ali who is in the crowd, and Desire a female emcee. Desire gets on the mic. K.K. and Italian Stallion are behind the ropes with the Cold Crush. Caz does a Rhyme about being some ones father. Towards the end of this tape Caz lets the crowd know that him and Tape Master and the rest of the crew are selling tapes. Caz says “we got the 60’s, 90’s, and 120’s. You are going to need the high powered tapes this summer for the high power radios. So see me and Tape Master and for the Flam see the Flamtheologist on top of the list and he just can’t miss.” This is an inside joke for the people that know, from Caz to J.D.L.! ) 74min.

188- Grand Master Flash on the radio. (Note: This is a Flash at WBLS radio station, doing his Flash at 5 show mixing R&B with brakes.) 90min.

189- Master Don and the Def Committee. 1983. (Note: This is two or three different parties in Philadelphia. Side A has Master Don rocking the Beat Box while Renny Rock is on the turntables. K.C. and Pebbly Poo kill it. Pebbly Poo, speed raps on a record that is on 45 that should be on 33. K.C. does his Louisiana rhyme. Don then cuts Good Times on normal speed and then changes it to the 45 speed, as .C. tells him to cut faster. Side B is radio to speaker. K.C. and Pebbly Poo battle each other in a very clever routine; the crowd is very much into it.) 60min.

190- Grand Master Flash, Mele Mel and the Cipher of Sounds. 1980 Christ the King. (Side A- Mel checks the mic and starts the show next to Flash. A fight breaks out. Mel is asking the crowd to stay loose of go home. Mel says he would expect a fight in a gym but not a church! Flash kills it on Good Times. Then Flash, Disco Bee and Easy Mike cut Good Times together. Mel rhymes over Super Rapping. The Cipher of Sounds call them selves The Fabulous Five. D.J. Divine is in the house.)60min.

191- Grand Master Flash and Furious 5 in London in 1981 and 1986. (Note: This is a Flash show at both shows! In 1986 Flash had the crowd go berserk when he did Catch a Groove. Side B In 1986 they separated as a group. Now Lavon and Broadway is rocking with them and they are now just called Grand Master Flash.)60min.

192- D.J. Rocking Rob’s Birthday and The Mean 3, as well as The M.C. Connection are at St. Joseph, 1981. (Note: D.J. Rocking Rob D.J.s for both crews and they are all under the umbrella of The Original Mean Machine. In the Mean 3 it’s Tiny Tine, Master Bee and Rocking Rob. Rob kills the piano on Square Biz by Teena Maria. Master B has a real nice flow. Before the M.C. Connection get on they first play their record, which is not in the history books (Ego trip’s book of Rap list and Yes Yes Y’all.) so this is a very rare record. Of the M.C. Connection there is emcee Barry Bee, emcee Crazy Eddie. Little Rich and Lil Bit, and Lil Bit is a female emcee. Lil bit is not in the house this night. T.K. Tone and Ice Man are in the house. Barry Bee does a rhyme about shooting dice and Rocking Rob rocks the Beat Box.)75min.

193- D.J. Rocking Rob and The Original Mean Machine, at St. Pius 1980. (Note: The other D.J. rocking with Rob is Tiny Tine. The emcees are Crazy Eddie, Lil Rich Barry Bee and Lil Bit. Crazy Eddie does a rhyme about what God made. Barry Bee does a rhyme about being a sheriff in Sherwood Forrest. Barry Bee has a nice flow. He also does a rhyme about the Dr. telling him to smoke some weed and drink some beer for his sickness. I give props to the while crew here this is a real good find! Much props to Rocking Rob I have heard about him for years and now to hear him live he lived up to everything they said about him.)90min.

194- Imperial J.C. and Kevie Kev. 1995. (Note: Kevie Kev is doing new rhymes plus all the original Fantastic 5 rhymes from back in the days. Imperial J.C. is killing the original break beats.)90min

195- Zulu Nation, Lightning Lance and Cool Clyde at Kips Bay. 1982. (Note: M.C. Sluman gets on the mic also. The set belongs to Cool Clyde and Lightning Lance. D.J. EZ Trick is also putting in work. Bam rocks the Beat Box. Lightning Lance is killing Catch a Groove and other records. The Jazzy 5 get on and their freestyle is very good. Chuck a Luck does a rhyme about a Fat Girl that would give L.A. Sunshine’s Fat Girl rhyme a run for the money. E.Z. West, White Flash and Mike Nice are in the house.

196- Zulu Nation 7th Anniversary Bronx River 1981. (Note: Ikey Cee opens up announcing that he now plays with the Funky 4. A.J. Lest does a rhyme about City Life which rhymes about the He say She say doldrums. Pow Wow and Globe get down on some M.C. popping. Hutch Hutch gets on and does his Love Kid Hutch singing. There are mic problems. Malibu, Lil Dave, the Rock Steady crew with Crazy Leggs, Ice Ice, and the Gestapo Crew is all in the house.)90min.

197- Jazzy 5, Sundance and D.J. Holiday 1982 St. Andrews. (Note: D.J. Holiday is scratching Love Rap making it sound like a Beat Box. A.J. Lest does a rhyme using the names Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Fred Aster, Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy. Nice free style for Jazzy 5.)60min.

198- Ultra Sound Crew, Jamaica Queens. 1980 (Note: M.C. Tee, Rapper Ron, Philly Phil and Disco Bee.)60min.

199- Sweetie Gee D.J. Divine at I.S. 8 in South Jamaica Queens, 1981. Side B Grand Master Caz and the Undefeated 3 at an outside Jam on Creston Avenue 1983. (Note: This is the first time I hear Sweetie Gee, I am impressed with his voice and style. Sweetie Gee and D.J. Divine get down together on a routine over Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway’s “Back Together” jam. That is right D.J. Divine is emceeing. D.J. Kendo is holding it down. An announcement was made that the founder of the Infinity Machine D.J. Goode was in a motorcycle accident. Jazzy Joe also gets on the mic for awhile. Side B is an outside jam with the Undefeated 3 on the 4th of July in 1983 on Creston Avenue in the Bronx, which is down the block from where Grand Master Caz lived. The Undefeated 3 have a nice flow. The three emcees are Wizard, Kool Supreme and Easy Gee. The D.j. is T- Rock. M.C. Wizard does a rhyme about food. Caz comes on next. The D.J. for Caz is Ramel. Caz does a rhyme about him taking a bath saying rhymes to him self. Cubby Cub produced the block party, and Larry Lar owns the equipment.)60min.

200- Spoonie Gee and Busy Bee, with D.J. A.J. and D.J. Easy Lee in Staten Island 1980. (Note: This is mostly Busy Bee but when Spoonie gets on he keeps it live and does not play his records. Props have to be given to D.J. A.J. for tearing up Funky Penguin.)60min

201- The Grand Wizzard D.J. Theodore and Dota Rock live on radio station Hot 97. 1993. Side B- P Brothers from the St. Nicholas projects in Harlem. At the YMCA on 135th street, 1986. (Note: The P Brother show is a Mike and Dave production that is sold out as Pernellie O is cracking jokes with EK Mike Cee saying Pernellie O has his NYCHA maintenance man check in his pocket.)60min.

202- D.J. Hollywood, Star Ski and D.J. Smalls. (Note: Side A has Hollywood’s Corporation rocking with him. Side B has Sweetie Gee, Jazzy Joe, D.J. divine, D.J. Kendo at Empire Skating Rink. Jazzy Joe is asking people to roller skate backwards.)90min.

203- New Music Seminar 1985. (Note: In the emcee competition Busy Bee won beating Ikey Cee and Roxanne Shante. Roxanne tore Fruitkhan of the Stetsasonic out the frame the crowd went berserk for her. She tried to bring it to Busy Bee with insults after being told not to by Mr. Magic who was the host. But Busy Bee still survived, being the best emcee of the competition. In the human beat box competition Errol Holloman of Cleveland Ohio won, beating Mix Machine Wise of Stetsasonic and Eugene Eddie. The judges were Red Alert, Kurtis Blow, Bambaataa Wiz Kid and the Fat Boys.) 60min.

204- New Music Seminar 1987. (Note: In the Emcee competition, at the end it was a three way tie between Mele Mel, King Sun and Grand Master Caz. In the semi finals Mel went against emcee Breeze from Philadelphia and slayed him with a rhyme that was about a stick up kid/ killer. With that rhyme alone Mel could have won two, three years in a row. It reminded me of Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day, Denzel played a character we have never seen him play before, but he played the role outstanding! The same with Mel, I never heard him do gangster hip hop. His description was like a Slick Rick the Ruler story, something that should be listened to. King Sun killed it when he went against Female emcee Disco Cee in his semi final. King Sun used the Judges of the New Music Seminar in his routine, which ended with him saying Nelson George dissed him in his Billboard write up! Caz blazed Bangle Bee Boy the Outlaw emceeing about back in the days. In the end Caz was the second runner up, King Sun the first runner up and Mele Mel the Champion. In the finals of the D.J. battle, Cash Money is the Champion and very impressive doing it. Joe Cooley the runner up did an outstanding job as well. The hosts were P. Fine and Dr. Funkin Kline. The judges were Marly Marl, Lady B, Red Alert, Flash, Kool Moe Dee, Nelson George, Doug E. Fresh and Barry Bee. The sponsor was Techniques.) 90min.

205- New Music Seminar 1988. (Note: Lady Bee is host. This is the show were Mikey Dee gets his shine, he really has the crowd open. Emcee Malike a Love rhymes fast and backwards. King Sun does his thing once again. Other emcees in the contest are Banger, Kane from Sweden, Easy Tee and Mr. X. The D.J.s are Battle Cat, Cut Master Swift along with D.J. Pogo and Richie Rich from London. The whole show is not here but MC Search is the last emcee on this tape to perform. Emcee Lyte, D.J. Polo, Kid and Play along with Busy Bee and Jazzy Jay and the whole Strong City posse in the house and Mel says a rhyme even though he is not in the contest.) 90min.

206- Divine Sounds 1984. (They do their record “Changes we go Through” Disco Ritchie is nice on the mic, real nice. His man T.C. can get down for his too as he rocks a fast rhyme. The third emcee is a killer too Omar. They have routines like The Smurph, Get on Up, Sha Na Na, Luther Vandross, Let It Whip, and others. They sound as though they are very much influenced by The Cold Crush, Treacherous Three and the Fearless Four.) 78min.

207- The Force M.D.s and RUNDMC in Patterson New Jersey. 1984 (Note: Force M.C.s are turning into the Force M.D.s. The Force do their hip-hop routines with D.J. Dr. Shock but then the girls go crazy when they start singing and especially when Jesse Dee starts doing his Michael Jackson impersonations. He sings Billie Jean, Lady in My Life then they sing Jealous Girl by New Edition. Two months from that date the “Let me Love you” record will come out. They give a very strong show. Flip side RUNDMC freestyle for a minute before they perform “Its Like That.”) 60min.

208- Sweet Tee, D.J. Jazzy Joyce and Biz Mark, T.J. Swann Big Daddy Kane, Cool V and Brucie Bee at The Roof Top. 1986. (Note: Sweet Tee gets on first free styling to Funky President. Sweet Tee then rocks “It’s my Beat” with Jazzy Joyce. Biz Mark rocks Make the Music with your Mouth and others. They all put on a good show with Biz.) 60min.

209- Cold Chilling Tour. 1988. (Note The Cold Chilling Tour has them in the United Kingdom the day after Easter Sunday. Mr. Magic is the lead emcee as he introduces Marly Marl, Cool V, Mr. Lee and D.J. Polo. Cool V has one record of Good Times on 45 and the other Good Times record on 33. The emcees that kill are M.C. Shan, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Mark and Shante. They really have the crowd into it.) 60min.

210- Whodini and UTFO in France. Captain Rock, Just Ice, World Class Wrecking Crew in London 1984. (Note: Whodini and UTFO kill it as they rock Rappers Delight and then free style. Captain Rock and the rest are in London in 1986 and the London crowd is very much into it Justice and Mantronix kill it. Side B has The Grand Wizzard Theodore and Grand Master Caz rocking the Savoy Manor in 1984.) 60min.

211- Caz, JDL and the Zulu Nation at the Ecstasy Garage 1980. (Note: Caz is J.D.L. does a rhyme about Kool and Newport cigarettes. Pow Wow, Globe, Chubby Chub, Ikey Cee get on the mic. It is Willie Will and Sundance birthday. T. La rock is in the house. One of the emcee says they are going to play some Beatle records in honor of John Lennon as well as play some Yard music for you bumber Clods! On Side B D.J. Whiz Kid, Mike Dee, Cisco Kid. 1980, they are Kool Herc and Herculoids. It is never said if Herc is in the house not to say he is not. Mike Dee is nice on the mic but Whiz Kid gets crazy wild on the turntables. He is one of the top D.J.s at this time. He kills records like Catch a Groove, Rocket in the Pocket and others. They often refer to Kool Herc and the Herculoids as Herculoids Big Boys.

212- Rakim Biz Mark and Chili Dog at Whandanch High School 1984. (Note: This is before Rakim starts making records he calls him self Kid Wizard or Kid Wiz. Chili Dog does a rhyme about a wet dream. Biz rocks his human beat box and does one of Caz rhymes and good performance as well. Side B Stetsasonic 1984 (Note: Before records. Their human beat box is called Human Mix Machine. When they rap, D.J. Paul just cuts the one record Good Times having it say over and over Good! While the Human Mix Machine is doing his human beat box at the same time.

213- Mikey Dee, D.J. Quest, T.L.C, Dollar Bill, Serious 3 emcee’s, D.C. Crew, The Gearing Crew, Will Seville, Charlie Rock and Mellow Groove of The Rapamatical at Junior High School 231 July 1984.(Note: This is an outside jam with a your typical fight in the crowd. Brothers on the mic are ripping into RUNDMC in different segments. I give props to Mikey Dee because his style and skills are separate from the all the other emcees that participated at this jam. The Gearing Crew is pretty nice as well. Southside Queens and Farmers Blvd is in the house.)90min.

214- Mike Dee and the Albino Twins June 15, 1986 at J.H.S. 231 in Queens. Side B Imperial Brothers 1984 Jazzy Dee K Sure Shot, Rhyme Master Pee and D.J. Master Piece of the Imperial Brothers. (Note: Mikey Dee is battling T.L.C. and is on fire. T.L.C. says a dis rhyme to Mikey Dee’s No 6 Minutes Show record. Royal Rich and Charlie Chan lay down some routines and they end with a routine called “Bum Bum Bumble Bee tuna”, a disrespect to girls that don’t wash up. Dudes were like dogs in a cage waiting to get out trying their best to get on and battle but the Albino Twins shout them down and said lets party. Side B had The Imperial Brothers doing routines. Is sounds like a house tape but homeboy has this remarkable voice that sounded just like Caz in fact at times it sound like Caz and J.D.L were emceeing instead of the Imperial Brothers from Queens. The Imperial brothers rock for 37minutes on this tape.)90min.

215- Mikey Dee, Red Love, M.C. Lotto and D.J. Dewitt J.H.S. 231 July 1986 (Note: Mikey Dee says a rhyme about Farmers Blvd, Laurelton and his security known as Boom Bash. Mikey Dee goes at Farmers Blvd and L. L. Cool J. Red Love gets busy on the mic with Mikey Dee. Another emcees gets on the mic and tells the crowd if they don’t move back the d.j. is going to start playing Church records. Rat and Monkey of the 40 projects is in the house.)90min.

216- Mikey Dee, Biz Mark D.J. Dewitt, Spank G at J.H.S. 231June 29, 1986. (Note: The system belongs to Tape Master Bee of Queens. Biz Mark does a rhyme about his bedroom sounding like a disco tech. Mikey Dee does a rhyme about his Rap Dimension. Biz Mark was looking for a battle but nobody in the crowd wanted to bring it to him. A fight breaks out.)90min.

217- Mikey Dee, Royal Rich J.H.S. 231 1987(Note: Mikey Dee goes at L.L. Somebody in the house looses some keys with a key ring from Disney World. The Whop Master is in the house and he is challenging any girl to a Whop dance contest. They mess with the crowd and play the song shout those Lee Jeans are played out.)90min.

218- Mikey Dee, Red Love, Labor Day 1986 and 1987 Baisley Park. (Note: D.J. Quest went off cutting with his lips and changing one record while scratching the other! Mikey Dee goes at Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick by putting his on lyrics to La Di Da!)90min.

219- Crash Crew, Busy Bee, Kool Kyle The Star Child and Master Don and The Def Committee at I.S. 201 1980. (Note: Crash Crew get off as soloist and then they do their record High Powered Rap live with out the record backing them up. This is part two of tape 76 because Johnny Wa and Treacherous 3 are in the house as well. Kool Kyle does his thing as he amps the crowd for Busy Bee. Master Don’s emcees kill it. They have an arsenal of rhymes for the crowd. No routines just rhymes. Not sure if Master Don is apart of this show or piece on from another show but they still put on a heck of a show. And at this time Pebble Poo is with B.O. short for Bug Out, as she shouts him out.)60min,

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