Monday, February 8, 2010

ALL CITY = RARE 1983 Hip Hop Documentary

This was an experimental documentary about the early days of the Hip-Hop movement in the South Bronx called All City. This documentary was from Henry Chalfant and was hosted by Spank from TC5 (The Cool 5). **I saw this documentary posted at thier website & had to try to help to expose it to those that haven't seen it yet. This joint is full of B-Boys, writers & THE ARCHITECTS!!

Part #1:
"....this whole hip hop culture, this subculture of the ghetto is becoming something BIG...."

It's funny to look back & remember the days when going "gold" with record sales was unheard of & winning a Grammy was only something that emcees dreamed about & it seemed like an unattainable goal. Now rap music is everywhere & running things.......BUT WHERE IS THE REST OF THE CULTURE

Part #2
Dondi, Spank, Mare, etc, etc. Oh yeah, we caan't forget about "The Book Of Knowledge"

Part 3
Mr. Wiggles puts on an electric boogie clinic. The show ends with a very old school video for T La Rock's "It's Yours", which happens to be my favorite track of all time.

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