Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tapemasters Crew, What's in a name?

Ok, so I guess I need to take the time to explain why the contact email is , since I recieved an email asking what gives me the right to be called a Tapemaster. Well, I thought that question was kind of childish, but I will take the time to explain.

What's in a name...
The name, The Tapemasters Crew, was originally chosen because it has an old school hip hop/ b-boy feel to it. The Tapemasters Crew vision is to create a coalition of heads that all have a respect & love for these moments in time that are pieces of hip hop history aka live old school hip hop tapes*. That's it!

There are many Tapemasters throughout different times, places, genres & eras but the original was probably Elvis Moreno aka Tape Master (not to be confused with my long time friend Tapemasta from CLASSIC MIXTAPES ). Tape Master recorded alot of the Cold Crush Brothers shows.
There are many others that have extensive collections of Live Old School Hip Hop Tapes & radio shows. There is a large amount of tapes have been converted to mp3s & posted up on the internet, in various places & are available to be downloaded. There is more than enough material out there for people to get the feel of what these tapes* are all about.

So, I'll end with this...If anyone wants to build or trade live old school hip hop shows contact us at

Respect The Architects!