Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Daddy Kane & Public Enemy LIVE 1989

Big Daddy Kane & Public Enemy rockin' LIVE during the summer of 1989 at the Harlem Rally Against Racism. 22 years ago....when hip hop mattered...

I love to see pieces of history like this video. If anyone out there has anything related to old school hip hop & you want to share it or trade....hit me up, I'm always down to trade for somethign I don't have.

1989, shouts to DJ Renegade, Money Mike Nice, Philly Phil, Asia D, Barry Bee, KC, Money K, Kenny Ken & to the rest that were there...Rock On & Respect The Architects!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tapemasters Crew, What's in a name?

Ok, so I guess I need to take the time to explain why the contact email is , since I recieved an email asking what gives me the right to be called a Tapemaster. Well, I thought that question was kind of childish, but I will take the time to explain.

What's in a name...
The name, The Tapemasters Crew, was originally chosen because it has an old school hip hop/ b-boy feel to it. The Tapemasters Crew vision is to create a coalition of heads that all have a respect & love for these moments in time that are pieces of hip hop history aka live old school hip hop tapes*. That's it!

There are many Tapemasters throughout different times, places, genres & eras but the original was probably Elvis Moreno aka Tape Master (not to be confused with my long time friend Tapemasta from CLASSIC MIXTAPES ). Tape Master recorded alot of the Cold Crush Brothers shows.
There are many others that have extensive collections of Live Old School Hip Hop Tapes & radio shows. There is a large amount of tapes have been converted to mp3s & posted up on the internet, in various places & are available to be downloaded. There is more than enough material out there for people to get the feel of what these tapes* are all about.

So, I'll end with this...If anyone wants to build or trade live old school hip hop shows contact us at

Respect The Architects!

Friday, July 2, 2010

- He was that ill cat on the mic while Rock Steady Crew was puttin' in work on the floor on the stage in Wild Style. He had a sawed-off shotgun in his hand while on stage too....maybe it was a play gun, not really sure.
- He had that ill delivery & persona to me. Just the way he came off on the Beat Bop single. I remember having a copy of that record on Profile records.
- He was a early (very good) graffiti artist in the 70's & 80's.
- There is an excerpt from Ramm in the special features of the DVD classic called Style Wars. He's got those letters armored up!! HaHa, my man!
- Dondi, on the Style Wars DVD, refers to the way that Ramm turns his letters into weapons & his philosphy behind it. Respect from a Style Master, priceless...
-Toured with Jean-Michel Basquait. Flicks of the 2 of them together in Cali on the Downtown 81 DVD.
- To be honest, I think that Rammelzee is the original originator of the Autobots & Deceptacons, LoL.

My man, Ramm, you were WAY ahead of your Back To The Future you go. Someday we'll catch up to you. Rest In Peace to a true ORIGINAL!!!

I just had to jack this video from over at Here is Rammelzee Live at The Rhythm Lounge in 1983. Enjoy the clip & remember....Respect The Architects!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Biz Markie performs Bennie & The Jets by Elton John

Biz is a wild dude, for sure, but this video is a statement of how fun & creative hip hop could & should be. He does his own rendition of Elton John's classic song Bennie & the Jets....with that timeless Biz flava. I got a big kick out of this video!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

GURU Keithy E, Rock, rock on!!!

Man, this hits me hard. Roxbury stand up!!!!! Hip Hop stand up!!!!! A soldier has passed!!!!!
Keithy E, GURU, Baldhead will be missed in this world of musical mediocrity!!!!!

I remember his 1st single called "The Lesson" & I remember when "Words I Manifest" 1st dropped & heads actually had the opportunity to check the video from coast to coast on shows like YO! MTV Raps & BET's Rap City. Later came Jazzmatazz #1 thru #4 & he took the jazz/rap fusion to another level. 

....To my man Keithy E, rock on................

Watch live streaming video from worksofmart at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Support Sedgwick & Cedar


Sedgwick & Cedar is the first time you saw the movie Wild Style; the first time a DJ made your body rock; the first time you witnessed a B-boy devastate a dance floor, or an MC murder a mic. Sedgwick & Cedar also represents seeing letters of the alphabet take on a whole new colorful form and driving six hours to cop dead stock kicks or rare vinyl from someone’s dusty ass stock room or musty basement.

This culture was born, August 11, 1973 in a rec room jam at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Boogie Down Bronx. The party quickly spilled over to nearby Cedar Park. The S&C brand name was specially chosen to pay homage to the birthplace of Where Hip-Hop Began, at Sedgwick Avenue and Cedar Park.

Our passion stems from the respect, interest and admiration of real Hip-Hop Culture. From the DJ’s, to the MC’s; the B-boys and B-girls; the Graffiti Artists and the fresh to death crews; we are in awe of their invaluable contributions. While the culture may have started in the Bronx, it’s highly recognizable face is known the world over. Almost every city has had an important role in this culture and we can’t wait to share the entire story with the world. Each city’s story is an integral part of the Hip-Hop’s unique history. Hearing about a DJ or an MC that “brought” Hip-Hop Culture to a city is one of the reasons we show up to work everyday.
Sedgwick & Cedar is comprised of a special collective of individuals who hold many different strengths & backgrounds. That being said, S&C would not be who or where we are without the blessings, collaboration, support and partnership of our most honored teammates, The Pioneers. S&C is extremely humbled to have Hip-Hop Pioneers like: Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz, DJ AJ, Grand Wizard Theodore, Melle Mel, Buddy Esquire, Phase 2, Sha Rock, along with many more make up the S&C Crew. So, sit back, relax and chill, ‘cause “here’s a lil’ story that must be told!”

I have this last joint in red (but mine just says Caz vs Herc, no Mighty Mike listed) & a couple of others. So, cop a couple of these Tees & throw on your shelltoes with the laces to match the shirt, your Puma Clydes that match the color or your British Walkers & show the younger generation what being "fly" is all about!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

ALL CITY = RARE 1983 Hip Hop Documentary

This was an experimental documentary about the early days of the Hip-Hop movement in the South Bronx called All City. This documentary was from Henry Chalfant and was hosted by Spank from TC5 (The Cool 5). **I saw this documentary posted at thier website & had to try to help to expose it to those that haven't seen it yet. This joint is full of B-Boys, writers & THE ARCHITECTS!!

Part #1:
"....this whole hip hop culture, this subculture of the ghetto is becoming something BIG...."

It's funny to look back & remember the days when going "gold" with record sales was unheard of & winning a Grammy was only something that emcees dreamed about & it seemed like an unattainable goal. Now rap music is everywhere & running things.......BUT WHERE IS THE REST OF THE CULTURE

Part #2
Dondi, Spank, Mare, etc, etc. Oh yeah, we caan't forget about "The Book Of Knowledge"

Part 3
Mr. Wiggles puts on an electric boogie clinic. The show ends with a very old school video for T La Rock's "It's Yours", which happens to be my favorite track of all time.