Thursday, April 22, 2010

GURU Keithy E, Rock, rock on!!!

Man, this hits me hard. Roxbury stand up!!!!! Hip Hop stand up!!!!! A soldier has passed!!!!!
Keithy E, GURU, Baldhead will be missed in this world of musical mediocrity!!!!!

I remember his 1st single called "The Lesson" & I remember when "Words I Manifest" 1st dropped & heads actually had the opportunity to check the video from coast to coast on shows like YO! MTV Raps & BET's Rap City. Later came Jazzmatazz #1 thru #4 & he took the jazz/rap fusion to another level. 

....To my man Keithy E, rock on................

Watch live streaming video from worksofmart at

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  1. Thanks for sharing, RIP to the Big man. If you have the time come and check out Statikmatik specializing in 80's/90's Hiphop + Samples.