Friday, January 29, 2010

Puma Clyde's Commercial (Suede Puma's)

Ok, y'all know that we used to rock these back in the day....& some of us still do. I have a few pair & some still have the fat laces in them. LoL, my dogged out navy blue joints even have some fatties in them...even tho they will never be worn in public again cuz they are wwwwaaaaayyyyy too beat up!

Anyway, here is the Puma Clyde lineup for 2010. 6 different flavs, which one is your personal fav?

Also, here is a Clyde commercial that I pulled from Sham over at his Pookside blog. I just couldn't resist. Clyde Frazier was one slick cat back in the day & the shoe is one of the all time timeless classics. Enjoy this piece & hit up the comments with ur personal favs or with flicks of your own wears.