Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KRS ONE LIVE @ House of Blues New Orleans 2001

Aight, we're baaaacccckkkk, blat-a-tat-a-tat-tat-tat!! Hope y'all had a good couple of weeks since the last updates. My man Tapemasta went to Jamaica, so I had to hit the Bahamas for the 4th of July. Had mad fun & saw the fireworks from the dock. Nuff respeck to Felton for taking care of us while we were in Nassau!

Anyway back to the matter at hand. KRS 1 but 1st let me go off on a lil tangent here for a minute or 2. I hear people all the time talking about the best rappers (notice I said rappers & not emcees) from the "Golden Era of Hip Hop" & I hear several names that always seem to come up. Now I can & will agree that those cats, & we all know who they are, are very good rappers but that's it...they are just rappers. I mean, I have seen numerous shows from these cats & NONE can actually rock a crowd. Yeah, yeah, the crowds are amped but that's only because of the records that they are reciting. Now some of these same rappers I have seen doing LIVE voice-over performances from stage, now since when does a REAL emcee do a voice-over on stage? Anyone can do the normal call & response with the "say ho" type ish but KRS will take a party to that next level just as an emcee should. Just ask the Architects of this thing called emceeing & they will tell you that you had to be able to rock a party properly if you were on the mic, truly, until the break-a-dawn. When we speak of the Architects & the true "Art of Emceeing"....there were no rap records to be recited back in the day so you had to be able to carry a crowd on your own skill as an emcee & party rocker. Now, I said all of that to say this ---> KRS ONE is the best emcee from the Golden Era!! He may not have sold the most records, had the biggest name or made the most loot but to put it out there properly, I must say this...can't no golden era rapper fuk wit Chris...KRS ONE, rock on!!
Now here is an original from my stash. It's a KRS 1 show in New Orelans at the House of Blues from April 16th, 2001. This whole show is complete fiyah & is about an hour long total. I am posting the 1st 10-15 minutes of it here. Kris runs it down the line & you can tell that he's about to take it to the next level but you know I gotta just wet your taste buds. As for the rest of this show, he does ALL of the classics & has the whole spot rockin, as a real emcee should. This show would be a gem in anyone's collection....


  1. Why do you only post the first 15 minutes. And not the whole stuff ???

  2. Peace & thanks for takin the time to post!

    To answer ur question, I do post the whole show (or whole tape) of some of my collection but I am a collector & it has taken me MANY years & MUCH hardwork to accumulate what I have in my collection, so I choose not to give it all away FREE. I will trade shows with anyone that has anything of if you have anything please email me!!!