Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is tape # 118 from my man Troy L Smith's collection. BIG, BIG respect to him for this tape.

Man, so many things have helped to shape & form my love for this culture. The World's Famous Supreme Team Show on WHBI is one of those things. This is one of those radio tapes that gives you that original flav & makes you Respect The Architects.

This joint starts off with Se' Divine the Mastermind & Just Allah The Superstar telling us to "wake up everyone that we know & to get our tape recorders ready". Well, thankfully this tape is from one of the cats that listened to them & hit the record button.

Supreme Team routines fill this tape from front to back: Their reggae track, This Life We Have, Unfair, etc, etc. They are also promoting a party that they will be having on Halloween & Se' Divine is saying that he can't wait to do his thing & show everyone how he gets busy live. The Force MCs perform live in studio & Dj Doctor Rock is on the air, warming up on the turntables before they rock. The Force MCs do a few routines but they are cut short for the dedications. There are plenty of people callin into the show. The Supreme Team cut some brother name Bee from Bed-Stuy short before he starts to say some real ignorant sh#t on the air. The Earth Nefratitti, from Grant projects (known as GODS PROJETS by the 5 Percenters), also gives a dedication of love to her GOD L-Sun.


  1. Absolutely awesome. To an Aussie hip-hop head, hearing this stuff is beyond incredible.

    Keep it up fellas, I won't ever get enoug of this gear.

  2. hey, make it available again! Peace for you from SAo Paulo, BraziL!