Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LIVE Tape Release: 1982 New Music Seminar DJ Battle

The 1982 New Music Seminar DJ Battle.
That's right....I said 1982 & no that's not a typo. LoL. Charlie Chase, Jazzy Jay & Whiz Kid all get loose on the decks. The Cold Crush 4 (without Easy A.D.) run down a few rhymes at the end too.

The battle starts with DJ Charlie Chase gettin loose on the decks. He starts his set with the rock songs "Feels Like Love" (thx to Beatmaster31 for the track ID)& "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor & ends his set with disco. In between he is cuttin breaks.
2nd on the wheels is Jazzy Jay with Red Alert as his assistant. Jazzy's 1st needle drop was....not on point cuz as he said "the needles caught a contact from the erb that was smoked earlier"...Ha Ha. He also puts "Pull Up To The Bumper" from Grace Jones to good use.
Last up is Whiz Kid. The host said that last year (1981), Whiz Kid introduced alot of the people in attendance to "quick cuttin & the hip hop style of spinning". Grandmaster Caz assumes the role as the host for Whiz Kid. Whiz Kid spins the CC4's new record "Weekend" & also freaks Planet Rock lovely.
All of the DJ's put in work, especially for the era that we checking out.
The NMS host announces that the CC4 will have the tapes for sale, outside, after the battle. He also says that the Soul Sonic Force & DJ Jazzy Jay will have a show at the Ritz that evening.
The Cold Crush rock for few minutes after the battle. Caz spits a real hot verse with the final line..."Got talent from my head to the soles of my feet/ that's why you hear people singing my rhymes on the street".
This is tape #119 from my man Troy L Smith's collection. RESPECT to you, my brother!!
Here's the show....ENJOY!!
Who do y'all think won?

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  1. I thought Grandmixer DST won the 1982 NMS battle?