Sunday, June 7, 2009

Radio Tape Release: Red Alert's 4th Birthday Party 10-24-87

OSR 2 - Red Alerts 4th Birthday Party (chop)
Here is an original tape that I've had since 1987. It's has segments of 3 different radio shows on it. It was originally loabeled as "Red's 4th B-day" but the label may be wrong.
This is a chop tape between Chuck Chillout, Red Alert & Marley Marl shows. It starts a little slow due to the instrumental tracks at the beginning but it really begins to heat up around the midway point. There are a couple of tracks I don’t remember. The DJ skills are on display thru out. The Shirt Kings drop is flav & so is the Marley Marl mega mix!! 1 track from front to back.

The tape starts with Going Way Back from Just Ice, Criminal Minded inst, Bridge Is Over inst, Let’s Dance by Whodini, ??, It’s A Demo from Kool G Rap & Polo, EPMD’s You’re A Customer & then into Jimbrowski by the Jungle Brothers. Tape CHOPS here but really starts heating up even with the chops!! Nice & Smooth, ??, Steady B, a hot mix of the Audio 2, Biz Markie mix, LaTee & then a Shirt Kings drop. CHOP to Mr. Magic & Marley Marl right @ the beginning of a mega mix.

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